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Golden bc webcam. Melissa was not annoying and always pleased me with her behavior.
She told me that in childhood she was always small, or rather small, and she liked boys more.
In the beginning it was not noticeable, then at school they began to make fun of it.
At some point, she no longer knew what to do and turned to a psychologist.
After that, she decided to change her gender.
She always felt as if she was not in her body, and when she decided to have an operation, her parents refused her.

Muslims have it strictly.
She even told me, sobbing that her father wanted to stab her.
In Turkey, she would never have decided on this, but there was no way back and she left home.
Sad story.
Now I sit in front of a computer in my room and listen to the silence of the apartment.
There is no one at home.

My Kitten went to England for half a year.
Learning a language and typing experience is nice, but both of us have a difficult time tolerating separation.
I miss her caresses.
She is also very attached to me and calls me every day, telling me how she is doing.
We do not intend to change each other, because we love each other.
She will stay there for another 4 months.
Hope this time runs fast.
As soon as she arrives, I will write a continuation of this story.
In the meantime, thank you for your attention.
I would be happy to talk on the raised topic.
But I repeat: I am not a homosexual.
I like girls or maximum trans.
As a child I loved to go to summer camp.
Sometimes I spent there in two or three shifts in a row.
I don’t know that I was so drawn there, maybe freedom from parental care, maybe communication with peers, or maybe: I want to tell one very real story that happened to me on one of these trips.

She greatly influenced my later sex life and my fantasies.
It all started with a simple fool card game: I’ll start with myself.
My name is Olya.
I was then 11 years old and I was a rather interesting girl, but not yet fully developed as a woman.
I have straight brown shoulder-length hair and dark eyes.
The figure was of course still quite childish.
I was a very thin and ungainly girl with disproportionate forms.
Slender and thin legs and slightly long arms.
I still had no boobs and of course there was no hair anywhere.
My pussy has always been very naughty and very naked.
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