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Nn teeny girls webcam. It was like a flash of lightning.
And the words do not tell.
I could not believe it.
Could not.
Mom slowly covered my shaft with soft wet kisses.
And I am Satanel of desire.

I was just bursting with lust.
Yar watched me with a smile.
He was right, my mother’s mouth was very very sweet.
Like a real whore from a drunken house, my mother began to gently and carefully lick my dick and eggs.
I was trembling with lust, feeling the warmth of her lips and tongue.
And when her little fingers began to gently massage my shaft and touch my testicles, it seemed to me that I was in the seventh heaven.
You see, – Yar laughed good-naturedly, – a real wizard, yes? What are you waiting for, Cyrus? Wrap her head and put on your hero.
Do not pity her! I hesitated, comprehending his words and Yar impatiently added: Yes, you must understand, Cyrus – she is a woman! This is her duty! You are already 15! You are no longer a boy, but a lad! And this means that now her maternal debt to you is different than before! Try not to think of her as a mother, Kir!

”, He grinned, at least at night.
But anyway, I hesitated.
That was my mother! Yar laughed: Okay, brother.
If you are such a good, good son, then we will do so.
- he sighed – understand.
From now on, and during the day you are obliged to be a good son and mother, according to all customs, but at night the duty of the mother to lie in your bed is your concubine !! And this is up to you, and not to her, how will you take her, as a respectable matron or a selling girl, – he patted me on the shoulder, – and in the end, lad, can’t you prove to your mother that you’ve become a real a man, not a wimp-eunuch ?, – Yar laughed.
His words sparked me indescribably.
Although not.
What is his speech? The lips and tongue of the mother, that’s what drowned the remnants of my mind in me.
No longer thinking about anything other than her soft and gentle lips and the pleasure that they can give, I grabbed my mother’s head, sinking my fingers into thick fluffy hair, pressing her head to my thighs.
I felt my mother’s plump, neat lips jerking openly, sliding along my pole.

Mom did not think to resist my pressure.
Her nose rested on my groin.
For a few moments, being in the seventh heaven from the pleasure, I still froze, pressing my mother’s head to my thighs, with my member deep in her throat.
, – broke from my lips, – I love you, mother.
Mom choked, sobbed soberly and jerked on the penis.
I let her go.
With a savory smacking sound, my dick, wet from my mother’s saliva, slipped out of her mouth.
Mom coughed and gasped.
I graciously let her catch her breath.
Well, how is he to you, mom? How do you think Cyrus has already become a man, huh? – Ykh grunted, gently stroking his mother’s hair.
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