Webcam runetki.

Webcam runetki. He himself still could not move away from the realization that he is now communicating by voice with a girl, and even so strict, business-like, authoritative – which, everything else, seems to consider him authoritative.
- I also think that nothing lasts forever.
- At the end of the line came a slight laugh.
- Proponents of the eternal few tire.
For a few moments, the interlocutor became silent – I am glad that I met your blog not so long ago.
I after all purely accidentally drew attention to your records, they stood out in the community tape thanks to a poisonous green avatar.

Do not be avatars, I would flip through the browser page.
“Oh, I drew it in Painte,” Vitaly admitted smugly.
And then he stopped himself – did not Stirlitz blurt out too much? It seems to be painted in Paintne lamers.
- Paint no? – in the voice of the interlocutor flashed a faint irony.
- I myself use it sometimes.
A good editor, albeit a non-commercial one, is somewhat more convenient for Photoshop.

Vitaly bit his tongue.
All is well, she did not guess that we are talking about the usual Microsoft Paint.
“Avatar is an important thing in its own way,” Nolens continued, as if nothing had happened.
- It should attract attention, but not cut eyes at the same time, be elegant and stylish.
“Like you,” he said successfully.
Her voice subsided for a few moments.
- Do you like my avatar? Thank you, of course, but I would not call her very stylish.
- There was a slight laugh.
- No, really, do you like her? – Very, – Vitaly admitted.
And, after a while, he dared to ask: – Is that you? – My photo, reduced several times and cropped at the edges, everything is as it should be in accordance with the requirements of GOST.
Here the interlocutor’s voice at once became ingratiating, finding some thoughtfulness: – Why did you suddenly find this interesting? Vitali hesitated.
- Well.
She was silent for a while.

The weak sounds coming from the other end of the channel gave the impression that she was either chewing on her lips, or swallowing saliva, or drinking coffee.
“I know,” she finally said, “that many guys don’t have a one-to-one attitude to avatars of girls.”
Sometimes these avatars evoke fantasies in them, sometimes they suggest strange thoughts.
Her voice was sweeter.
“I don’t know how others are, but sometimes I’m a little excited about it.”
Her intonation decreased in confidence.
- Tell me, did you have fantasies when looking at my avatar? Have you lost
over control? “T-lost,” Vitaly confessed slowly.
And almost immediately he felt his cheeks burning, and the parquet wooden floor showered from under his feet.
But it was too late to do anything.
This does not return.
It seemed to him that he hears the melodious laughter of Nollens.
Although, if so, she immediately cut him off, returning her voice solemn seriousness.

“Tell me,” she coughed a little, “do you like doing this, looking at the avatars of girls on blogs?” Not only mine, but in general? He opened his mouth.
Closed and opened again.
- Like.
- He admitted.
His cheeks stained more than ever.
- Like – what? – the voice of Nollens fell almost to a whisper, becoming at the same time a conspiratorial, almost intriguing one.
- Do – what? Could you say it out loud, for my sake, with the whole phrase? I would love to hear you say that.
By the sound of a feeling that she licked her lips.
- To me.
- Vitaly bit his lip.
It would be wrong to say that a host of paranoid thoughts did not go through his head.
- To me.
looking at avatars of girls.
in blogs.
Webcam runetki.