Laura bongacams.

Laura bongacams. The cave ached, overwhelmed with desire, and Alice with her whole body gave way to meet these caresses.
Tears filled her eyes, her breathing quickened, and she quickly reached the peak of pleasure.
Shivering and sighing, the slave turned to the other side and pressed her whole body against the master’s muscular chest.
He hugged her and began to kiss the leather lining, pressed to his lips, forehead and cheeks, tightened in a smooth rubber helmet.
His tireless hands stroked his buttocks, his fingers ran over the thin bridge of panties covering the anus, pressing a little on him, but did not penetrate inside.
With her stomach, she felt how tense his penis was, and what else a moment, and he would tear the matter of melting and break free.

Alice screamed and shook her head.
The owner understood it and freed her mouth from the gag.
The girl clutched her teeth in a wide band of swimming trunks and tried to pull them off.
“Hush, slave,” whispered Vadik.
After a second, he lay on his back completely naked, and she, his slave, sitting on his stomach, kissed the rebel flesh, enjoying her smell and strength.
Realizing that the member is already quite excited, Alice lifted her head and, clasping him with her lips, pulled herself in, helping her tongue.

The smell of lavender and a slightly salty taste of the male seed made the girl to speed up the movement.
She began quickly and passionately sucking this elastic and at the same time gentle rod, drawing it into her mouth almost to the ground and slowly releasing it.
A strong jet struck the sky as if a pipe had broken through.
Vadik groaned loudly and even arched, raising his stomach.
Alice, swallowing sperm, which seemed to her the best delicacy, carefully licked the falling member, squinting from pleasure and rejoicing in the fact that she managed to bring joy to her master.
And her slit invitingly squished from the outflowing moisture, spreading pleasant warmth throughout the body.
Vadik stretched out his hand and wiped the slave’s face with a damp napkin, which he took from a bedside table.
Alice licked her lips and opened her mouth.
The owner immediately inserted a gag into it and tightened the straps.
Then they lay for a long time, embracing, and looked at each other until sleep took possession of them.
A week has passed.
Now Alice did not sleep in a commode under the stairs, but in her lord’s bed.
Every morning, Vadik, waking up, freed the slave from the fetters.
While he was doing gymnastics, he ran in the courtyard, spinning on a horizontal bar, the girl climbed into the shower and washed thoroughly, enjoying the pleasant smell of soap and the cool stream of clean water.

Having wiped off her body, which had rested overnight, she wore a short dress and a white apron, she chained herself in chains and a collar, and hurried to the kitchen to cook breakfast for her master.
They sat at the table against each other, sipping the aromatic coffee that she brewed, seizing it with delicious sandwiches.
Then it was time to harvest, and Alice meekly took up a broom or a rag.
Vadik went to the garage, where he was busy with his motorcycle.
Sometimes he went to the village for groceries and brought a whole basket of fruit and various tasty things.
Laura bongacams.