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Use samsung galaxy as webcam. And in general, in the era before the Second World War, they didn’t even know what a female orgasm was, there was such a scientific point of view that women generally have no orgasms.
If a woman began to spread, she was immediately called a nymphomaniac and a pervert.
So fill your bladder, make it full to the brim, and then be ready to piss around !!! “It’s enough for you to drink several glasses of water one by one, and in an hour or two your bladder will have what you need.
“- recommended Cheryl to her.
“It’s already full, believe me,” Betty pleaded.
- I did not go to the toilet since last night, the last time I was in the toilet before I went to bed.

I woke up late and ran for classes this morning, and had to be postponed until the break after the first couple, then until the next, and so it went on all day.
On chemistry, Messina made me mess around in the lab with flasks for a long time, and so on up to this point.

But I did not plan this.
You know, I usually go to the toilet right away.
“Excellent, Betty, I haven’t been able to endure it for so long.
You probably have a big and strong bladder from nature.
The guys are crazy about when their girlfriend pisses for a long time.
I think the day will come, or it has already come in narrow circles, when the bladder with a capacity for watermelon will become as attractive as a melon the size of a melon.
- Hmm, Cheryl, you have really gorgeous breasts, I would like that.
But it pleases me that you have responded so flatteringly now about my bladder.
I can endure as long as I want, although I haven’t done it for a long time.
Is that when she was quite a little girl.
Maybe I prepared it then.
Come on!
Zak saw her for the first time at the presentation of the freshmen, and at first could not think of anyone else but her.
It seemed to him that Betty Bobson was the sweetest creature he had ever seen before.

However, he was captured more nimble girls, like Cheryl, and also did not meet then Betty at regular events, which took place among the freshmen.
And today, when he finally saw Betty during the dance, standing at the side of a palm tree next to Cheryl, Zack, although he admired the impressive figure of Cheryl (whom he had already “examined” several times), he would have preferred a slightly different type of girl, like Betty.
Betty had good breasts in front, but did it play such a meaning for him? What he liked about Cheryl was how long she wrote while they were making love.
He already thought that there are few girls who can do it as well as.
Although among the students there was a duck about girls with supposedly balloon capacity.
Gotta try another one! Zack looked at Betty, who was standing next to Cheryl, and noticed that, unlike Cheryl’s slight twitching, which Cheryl had let know that her bladder was in proper condition, Betty was standing quite evenly.

But it was obvious that Betty squeezed her hips more naturally and bulged up her ass, half-bent over, as if modestly trying to hide her condition.
Previously, Zack had never noticed for Betty signs of patience, and he doubted whether she was a “wry girl”.
He looked at everyone in the hall, where each of the girls showed their twitches in one way or another.
Betty least of all was like this.
Perhaps Betty is still not properly involved.
Before Zack could walk up to the palm trees, Cheryl dragged Betty to dance, although she herself soon made a couple to another guy, and Betty returned to her seat.
Betty looked around and shivered a little while Zack walked over to her.
- Have you lost something? Zak asked, hoping the conversation would go the right way, according to his expectations.
Betty glanced at him and smiled sweetly.
She had spotted Zack even earlier, and really wanted him to pay attention to her.

“No,” she answered, “that is, yes (painfully aware that she will have to run to the toilet room right away if everything goes so badly.”
) But she took a deep breath, with a firm determination to experience everything Cheryl had told her, and continued: “Yes, I’m looking, only I need to urgently go to the toilet now, because.
“- and at the same time she blushed strongly, because of the fact that it is so easy to confess to the boy things that she had never spoken to with the boys before.
- In short, I have to quietly drop in there for a while.
(“And right now,” she added to herself already) She no longer wanted to go to the toilet so much, except maybe.
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