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Everything he said sounded amazing.
At that time, there was no Internet and pornographic magazines were not available.
Sergey talked about everything with skill.
I dreamed about becoming an adult and fucking with girls.
Thirteen years old when we bathed in the shower after the pool, Seryoga asked me if I had any sperm.

I naively asked him a question about how this can be checked.
He explained to me what to do for this.
At the same time, he proudly announced that he already had sperm.
And then he decided to demonstrate it to me.
He took his pisyun and began to gently pull at him.
Gradually, his pussy began to grow in size and acquire the size of a dick.
It really surprised me.
Then, having spread his legs wide and bending forward slightly, he began to masturbate furiously.
In less than a few minutes, he groaned and finished in his hand.
I looked at the cum in my friend’s hand with incredible curiosity.
He suggested that I jerk off too, but I categorically refused.
The complex was sitting in me.
I envied Seryoga that he was already a real man, and was afraid that if I do not have sperm, then I will look pale against his background.
Having come home that day, I naturally decided to check for the presence of magical viscous fluid in my room.
I, too, began to knead my penis, and was extremely surprised that he, too, got up.
I jerked off without any erotic fantasies.
I was just wondering if I could already, in principle, make children or not.
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