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I moved my underpants, which covered her hairy gap and aimed her tongue, began to lick her.
- Stronger.
she wheezed.
I buried my tongue wet hot hot crack, abundantly moistened with brackish taste moisture.

Then he began to lick her labia, putting his nose and tongue into the vagina.
- Suck me, suck, suck.
- mother-in-law tensed.
And then she wailed and shook in a strong orgasm.
Having calmed down, Raisa Dementevna got up and turned to me.
- Well, son-in-law, you brought me joy.
I want you.
Fuck me like a real man.
I was shaking all over from the strong excitement that had caused an unexpected swear word that had flown out of my mouth.

I never imagined that mate could be so exhilarating.
Raisa Dementievna tore off her pants, and lay down on the bed, grabbed herself under her knees and pulled her legs to her chest, spreading them wide.
Her hole overgrown with black hair, opened.
I opened red puffy labia and vaginal hole, at the top, where labia met, I saw a protruding tight clitoris.
I leaned over the red slit of a mature woman and touched the lips of my clitoris.
- pulled out from the depths of Raisa Dementevny.
What was happening brought me to death, and I pulled off a towel and dropped a woman.
My dick quickly found the vagina and fell in there.
- Uuuuuuuuuuuu.
- whether moaning, or mooing, mother-in-law eagerly podmahivaya me.
Her slit began to make squish and slurping sounds.
A few minutes later, I sharply thrust my dick over the very eggs, shivered and began to inject a jet of sperm deep into her belly.
Raisa Dementevna stopped for a moment, and then the waves of a strong, bright orgasm began to shake her beautiful elastic body.

Having calmed down, the mother-in-law put on a dressing-gown, and without wringing it, she sat down on the bed and sat down beside me.
- Well, here, son-in-law, and something happened that I was so afraid, and so wanted.
Listening to her, I touched her tremendous chest, the hard black hair of her cunt, and thought how a mother with such a chest could have born such a flat-chested daughter like my wife.
- Stop talking, she cut herself off, I want to try in the ass, go get some Vaseline, and I must see Ira, otherwise God forbid you will wake up.
I threw on a towel and went to the kitchen. Porn bb kitty karsen webcam shows 5. I quickly spread the sleeping pills and went to water my wife.
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