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Since I study at the Pedagogical University, in the summer I had a practice in the camps.
I really did not want to go there, but I had to.
And on July 8, I went to Trepovka.
I went there in 1998, and this area was familiar to me.
After 9 years, I ended up in the same Gagarin camp.
As soon as I went there, memories immediately loomed in my head.
But today I am a leader.
I already imagined how I would follow the kids.
I was given a second squad.
These children are 14 years old.
Together with me, the counselors were Kate – a girl from another teacher’s college.
We met.
She was 20 years old.
I liked her right away.
She had long blond hair.
Slim figure.
We were told our commitments at the planning meeting.
A shift came.
We met.
The children were normal.
We had amateur concerts together.
And when, at ten o’clock, everyone fell asleep, we gathered around the fire in the forest and told horror stories.
We had fun.
Student Igor, who was the leader of the 4th Detachment, was a master in horror stories.
And in the evening, having put the little morons to bed, the four of us gathered in the forest.
I, Katya, Igor and Nadya are Igor’s partner.
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