Webcam camera.

Webcam camera. So.
Only calm.
Need to act quickly, her flashback is coming to an end.
In this phase, a person is usually completely deconcentrated, no 3D graphics will help here.
How can you focus her attention on what I need? And what do I actually need? If I make a mistake, the consequences will be unpredictable.
It is necessary to localize its source, and kill the part of the Super-I that blocks it.

NOT!!! – Victor suddenly dawned.
There is a way to raise concentration on the original source of evil! If the original source is tied to its exorbitant libido, then it is enough only to increase the libido to the size when it becomes larger than its eternal enemy, the Over-I, this underdeveloped product of the moral of the modern blunt-headed herd called society forever burned out in human brains.
Victor was confident of success, as he had already observed a similar case at the very beginning of his career.
Then a completely normal woman, a secretary in a prestigious law office, for no reason at all turned into a besophila, she began to fuck horses.
Victor pondered over this case a lot, and now he was quite sure that something like this could be reproduced on Natasha.
Now the monitor showed moderate delta waves, which means that Natasha was in a state close to sleep.
In a dream, as you know, the Super- I have no power over the psyche.
So, all that is needed now is a small dose of ephedrine, the correct visual and acoustic program, and Natasha will wake up as a completely new person.
Victor gave her a shot, restarted the program, made sure that her eyes were still open, and since I didn’t have to count on the feedback, I lay down on the sofa to put my thoughts in order. Hidden camera masturbation tube. Webcam camera.