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Two teen webcam. What training, in a word, the Moscow ballet! Well, okay, I ran, tomorrow at seven in my morning at home.
The first course can not be! Ballet on ice! Ha ha ha ha !!! And the car with the administrator of the regional drama theater, having covered with a cloud of exhaust gas, rushed off for lunch – “feed” someone.
Early in the morning we rushed to the apartment where Kolya Chekodans lived.
Of course, I did not know that in the future in this bachelor “den” I would be a welcome guest at any time of the day.
And Kolya Chemodanov, despite the big difference in age, is my best friend.
Six months of work in a student club and the relationship of souls with Kolya were noticeably manifested in my attitude to the fair sex.

I divided the female contingent into three groups.
First: which theoretically not against, the second: which against always and the third: which are always ready.
He singled out two subgroups from the second: round fools and odnolyubki, which in principle is one and the same.
May holidays were approaching, and the dean of the institute decided to do with our help several themed evenings for students.
At one of these evenings, I introduced the administrator of the drama theater Tatyana Ilinichna.

After the evening, Kolya came up to me and said: Provost is still in shape, come on, dare! Feel “our man.”
How many years do you have to pour perfume on yourself to smell like perfumery “Red October”? I think it smells of “France”, I said.
Perhaps I would have figured it out if I were you.
Balakirev Five years have passed since I met Kolya Chemodanov.
By that time, reforms had descended on the country, everything had been privatized, the people became impoverished, and rogues with rogues were building villas and going to rest over the cordon.
My friend turned into a respectable businessman; on a business card in black and white it appeared: Chairman of the Regional Trade Union Committee Chemodanov N.
Many commercial banks gladly sponsored a union boss with soft loans, and my friend shipped these loans “to the whistle” to manufacturing companies; some of them after his “services” went bankrupt.
One morning, Kolya woke me up with a phone call: Come to the office urgently! What, girls again in the morning? – (Devulki in the morning – this is a sign of zhlobstva), I would wake up asleep.
I’ve had enough of yesterday’s girls from the choir.
The two had something wrong with the physiology: the legs grew from “root.

teeth ”, and another one of them, probably in a circus, had previously worked up with a squirrel swallower.
No, I have an idea, we are renting a steamer! We will be engaged in tourism business! I have already agreed with the head of the shipping company.
I think that’s great! Only at three o’clock in the morning we crawled home, and after our rendezvous with Chemeodanov, I went to the shipping company with yesterday’s chorus girl and decided to do business with the head of this department in the steam room.
The steamship turned out to be a laid on river cruise ship – the composer Balakirev.
They were made as much as there were composers in the “Mighty Handful” and scattered along the mighty rivers of the former Union, giving respectively the names of the musicians.
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