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Yura gently slid to Yuri, – how can I help my master? – she was standing almost nestling against the headmaster’s head, allowing herself to admire a neat, full breast.
Anything at all, just don’t bother me to instruct, you can even take your mouth, but keep your ears open, ”Yuri joked.
It will be fulfilled, – Yura with a gracious movement fell to the floor between the director’s knees and her lips softly, but tightly wrapped around his penis.
For a while, Yuriy got used to feeling Irina’s mouth on his penis.
We must pay tribute to the girl, her smooth movements with a lick and a light suction kept Yuriy in a state that allows you to simultaneously receive the pleasure of affection and not lose contact with reality.

Now about tonight, ”he looked at the underbelly of the girls,“ pussies to completely shave so as not to have a single hair.

You are Anna Petrovna, make sure that the girls go through the full procedure, but only smear the nipples and deep inside the anus with erogen, not less than ten centimeters from the entrance.
Erogen was an ointment that Yuri discovered about a year ago and has since been used frequently in the company.
The essence of his action was that if you smear the erogenous zone of a man or a woman with them, then touching these places will cause a strong erotic reaction and constant desire, which easily turn into a cascade orgasm.
The director’s orders allowed the girls to understand that in the evening their butts were waiting for much more serious tests than the middle finger of the boss.
Realizing this, Lisa turned pale, that Yuri immediately noticed.
Do not be scared, Lizonka, this does not concern you.

He turned to the doctor, – Liza treat completely.
Come to me, – he beckoned to Lisa.
When she came up and stood a little to the side and left of Ira, who was sitting on the floor, he clasped her with her left hand and inserted her thumb into the already familiar and well-oiled anus, Liza had to lean slightly to let him in, Yury introduced into the vagina, which was thoroughly aroused and therefore offered no resistance, as if the fingers had dipped into a hot syrup.
Having thrust his fingers deeper, Yuri began to lightly rub a thin wall between them.
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