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Webcam video of. I closed the tap, carefully removed the tip from the granny’s anus, squeezed her buttocks together and told her to lie in the same position for another 5 minutes.
“If you knew, doctor, how I feel like crap now,” the unhappy grandmother whined.
“I know, and this is wonderful,” I replied, “but you still have to wait that specified time, then you will be able to empty it.”
Baba nodded her agreement.
After the indicated time, I ordered the woman to straighten her legs gently, to get up from the couch, but he continued to hold her buttocks tight.
“Oh, doctor, where am I going to shit?” Asked Grandma, rising to her feet.

I ran to the bathroom, brought a basin from there and said: “Sit on it!”.
Grandma barely had time to crouch slightly, as a huge stream of water escaped from her asshole, carrying with her a blurry poop.

Prrr! Bunch-bunch-bunch!”, There was a characteristic sound during bowel movements.
“Oh, God, how much better!”, Grandma sighed and wiped the sweat from her face with her hand.
She sat over a basin for about three minutes, pushing the majority of feces out of herself, then moved to the toilet and continued to empty there.
Only after 10 minutes, she finally went to the bathroom to wash and wipe after the cluck caused by enema.
“Well, doctor, you cleaned me up tremendously!”, She said, returning back, “now I don’t walk, but fly.
I think there was a ton of shit.
Thank you very much!”.
“Not at all!”, I replied, “Come again when you need it! And bring your granddaughter too!”
“We’ll come, we’ll definitely come when we need it,” Grandma said goodbye.
But, alas, during my stay as a paramedic in this village, both patients did not come to me again.

How to know, maybe the work of their intestines itself has been adjusted?
So, while chatting, the indicated time passed, and Inna’s mother raised her daughter from her knees and planted a potty next to her.
The girl immediately released a noisy stream of water and farted loudly.
Following this, from her priests got a long, hard turd.
The child was forced to rather hard even after an enema, to push it out.
When at last the “sausage” fell out and hit the bottom of the pot, Innochka sighed with relief and wiped the sweat from her face with her palm.
“Well, daughter, is it hard to poop?” , asked her mother Alina.
“Shit”, the girl was forced to admit.
“Here, you see, but you still did not want you to do the enema,” the woman shook her head reproachfully, “you yourself would never have cried and would have died from the poisoning of the body with slags.
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