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New sex web. And one of my classmates was spinning alongside and heard everything.
A couple of days later I was walking home and came across guys from our class.
They grabbed me and dragged me to the basement.
No, they did not rape me, but forced me to put on an apron and, in this form, took pictures and then put them on the net, making very obscene inscriptions.
There was a big scandal, and I had to leave school after the eighth grade.
I entered the library technical school and now I work in our library.

Alice stared at her friend for a long time, feeling guilty before her.
Then she herself took off her apron and chains.
- Give me my clothes, – the blonde asked, – and I will go home.
I’m sorry that it happened.
They did not meet again, and Alice was left alone again.
She was a little worried that she had lost such a friend, but she understood that for a long time their relationship could not last.
Part 4 The building of the Historical and Archeological Institute already on the approaches resembled a ragged anthill.
Crowds of applicants with bulging eyes and faces flushed with excitement scurried through the wide corridors, peering at the audience in search of the only one where the commission for receiving documents met.

Accompanied by the restrained smiles of old-timers and indulgent smiles of teachers, they gathered in small groups and heatedly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this or that faculty, guided, rather, by their own intuition, rather than common sense.
Alice slowly climbed the broad marble staircase to the second floor and stopped in front of the door, where it was displayed in bold letters: “RECEPTION COMMISSION” – Be brave, beautiful! – I heard a perky voice behind my back.
The girl turned sharply.
In front of her stood a tall guy in shabby jeans and a pretty crumpled checkered shirt, unbuttoned almost to his navel.
His long hair, apparently not knowing the soap for at least a month, bristled like patches of old tow.
Heavy horn-rimmed glasses were shifted to the very tip of a fleshy nose, like a crushed tomato.
Thin red mustache, absolutely not fit with the appearance, barely covered the upper lip.
- Which faculty? – Stretching in a smile thin almost whitish lips, the guy asked, brazenly staring at the girl.
“The History of the Ancient World,” Alice replied in a hoarse voice.
- Wow! – the young man launched into his unwashed hair his long, like an awl, finger, – Well, go ahead, beauty!

Pushing the door, he himself went into a huge hall, lined with perimeter tables with tables on which the names of the compartments were displayed.
Alice followed him, roving her eyes around to find the right table.
- Marina! – the guy went to the clumsy school desk, behind which sat the girl, or rather, lay the girl, a strange form of which even frightened the girl.
The girl slowly raised her head and looked at the guy with a hazy, colorless look.
On a little face stretched out and bleached to the dead color, a mask of surprise froze.
Squinting wide-set eyes, generously “decorated” with black ink and boldly blue shadows, exuded complete dissatisfaction.
Puffy lips, indicated in the tone of the eyes, were parted, but only because of the fact that until the end they were not given the opportunity to come together numerous rings, which each time jingled when the girl wanted to say something.
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