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Hidden cam gay anal. The screen gleamed on the transparent partition of the bedroom.
No chair, however, appeared.
“So much for the TV,” Jeanne said not too pretty, “but they didn’t give her an armchair.
I have the impression that all the conditions have been created here so that we would not lose sight of each other for a minute, and I honestly don’t particularly like it.
Could at least the toilet is not transparent to do.
Oksana, what was happening, seemed to be entertaining much more: – Come on, you, be simpler, found a problem for me, too.

The first day was spent entirely in the study of the “magic” laboratory.
It turned out that one can not only change the color of the walls and the floor, but also turn them into different landscapes.
Jeanne especially liked the sea, it was all in motion, just like a real one, seagulls soared over the water, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was surprisingly natural, and the typical iodine aroma of seaweed spread around the room.
On Oksanino “I want to swim”, however, in the appropriate compartment just turned on the shower.
“Then,” added Oksana disappointedly, and the shower obediently turned off.

Everything was very simple with food too – a small table obediently went out of the wall with “ordered” dishes.
Everything was fresh and quite tasty.
The table also performed other functions – it brought on itself any requested books and magazines, a nail file and other useful items, and the TV turned out to be a video recorder, obediently including the ordered films.
Interesting things happened in the bathroom too.
At first a fragrant soap suds poured from the shower, and then only water.
The towels were completely absent, but some kind of invisible mechanism was turned on, pleasantly blowing the body with hot air jets, and Jeanne noticed that it would be much less pleasant to wipe.
To the question “what time is it” on the wall for a short while loomed the clock with the calendar, and the light was arranged in such a way that by evening it began to get dark a little.
At around eleven in the evening, a little tired of the mass of new impressions, the girlfriends, sitting on a wide bed, fell asleep in a serene sleep of children.

Time flew by.
Girlfriends chatted, read, watched TV and excelled in menu choices.
It turned out that you can make “walks” on the emerging “treadmill” and even try to work out on the simulator, an idea which, incidentally, was for some reason rather quickly abandoned.
The first week of an incomprehensible “experiment” has passed, the second has begun.
It was about ten in the evening, the ceiling marking the beginning of the night had faded a little.
Girlfriends lay on the bed and watched a music program on TV.
- This music has bothered me for something, – Oksana yawned, – can we see something else?
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