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Webcam yveline anal. “You haven’t even forgotten about your backpack.”
“I’m all right sergeant, I remember how to go.”
But after walking a few steps, she realized that she could hardly go further.
She was just passing by the garbage cans.
I wanted to do it immediately.
At first she decided to sit down behind the garbage cans, but the puddle that the others see will spread.

Tanya snatched out two liter cans thrown out of the garbage can and substituted one for herself.
She remembered that she had to pull off her pants, pulled off and sat down, hidden behind a trash can.
Urine, released to freedom, flowed uncontrollably.
It turned out one bank really was not enough.
Tanya, without stopping, substituted a second jar for herself.
Everything, finally the process is over.
Everything that she had dreamed of over the last few hours was completed in 10-20-30 seconds.
Tanya decided to pour both cans into the trash.
Before that, she decided to determine how much she endured.
Pouring over the second jar to the top of the first, in the second beam was about a third liter.

Wow wow, and given the previously released in the sands, she tolerated means a half liter.
And another liter means evaporated in the heat.
It will boast.
She was laughing at the sergeant in her heart.
But as she passed the toilets, she suddenly decided that she didn’t completely hang out and it might be worth looking into the toilet again.
Anything can happen again.
But it turned out there was a queue, and Tanya did not wait and left.
If inside that remains, then nothing at all.
Soon the call was announced, Tanya was lying on her bed and was recovering.
A smile returned to her face, and she herself returned to her usual life state.
She assumed that the bladder would disturb at night, as is usually the case with her after a beer, or from overstretching, but apparently she managed to pour it all at once, and most of it in a few seconds.
Not counting the pre-ebb in the sands.
Then the sergeant did not notice her.
And the next time she will not have to endure anything at all, she will drink exactly as much water as is necessary so as not to overcook in the desert.

And never again would she shyly shy under the sergeant’s gaze.
You just have to be careful with beer.
Next time there will be perhaps oral sex with a guy and no beer in the mouth.
Welcome to Trans City.
This city exists only in my head.
I like to live in it.
All women in the city are only trances.
It is closed to ordinary women.
Here we live, love, work, have sex.
live the life of a woman.
If any of the T-girls continue the description of the city, I will only be glad.
I will tell episodes with sex.
That’s more interesting.
There are some conditions for the description: 1.
T-girls in the city a bit, so having to have sex often.
There are no moral conditions for sex.
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