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She gently leaned forward, the pressure was replaced by a slight pain, and she stopped, giving the opportunity to get used to the new sensations.
When the pain passed, she began to move, simultaneously clasping my dick.
There was no more pain, although I could not say that I was terribly pleased.
It was easy.

Again, I felt the feeling as if my orgasm overtakes me from two different sides.
Giving up to meet her hand, I simultaneously helped her with penetration, increasing the tempo of this strange, but still pleasant dance.
She bent slightly, and her large breasts began to sway right in front of my face.
Having taken the hint, I wrapped my lips around the top of my head and bit my nipple with my teeth.
She moaned and began to move even faster.
Illena clearly entered into a rage.
Her breath lost, her hair was scattered, and her forehead was covered with beads of sweat.
I, too, was on the verge of orgasm, balancing on her and risking breaking from every push or movement of her hand.

She jerked harder than usual and covered me.
It was not like an ordinary orgasm, which, like lightning, illuminates all the senses, capturing a moment of pleasure.
It was like water, which finally broke through a dam that was undesirable to it and began to pour into the bottomless abyss.
A pleasant, pulling feeling did not last longer than usual, though not being as sharp as usual.
From the compression caused by my orgasm, crying, cumming and she, pouring my gut with her hot juice.
Exhausted, I lay on the ground, still feeling my cock shudder, squeezing out all new drops of liquid from somewhere.
Elfmaid gently out of me, and lay next.
After lying for several minutes, she raised herself on her elbow and kissed me gratefully.
“Is it always like this?” She asked. “Probably,” I shrugged, “I don’t know how it is with you.
Although I think I’m starting to guess ”“ Who knows what else you might experience, ”she said thoughtfully,“ because our meeting with you was familiar with fate.
“Accident” skeptical said IHe closed her eyes, collecting thoughts, and said: “When the nightmare, driven by the passion of the dark, asks the way to the places of the forgotten trizna Do not be afraid, do not tremble, and be humble to him she added: “This verse was told to me by our seer.

The one that spoke about the settlement of people like me.
I was silent, surprised by such an unusual revelation.
Our meeting was predicted in advance? That is, someone knew that we will meet, and I will.
I felt uneasy.
A second later, I realized that it was not so important.
What difference does it make to hate me – because I became a resident of the night, or because I also added to the list of my real and imaginary crimes.
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Illena got up, began to dress.
“The fortress of Itil-hyung is there,” she waved her hand.
“Even if you try hard, you will not get lost.
And you will recognize her too.
Do not be afraid about dawn, you will be in time. ”
When she had finished dressing, she looked at me and said: “It’s sad to understand that only nightly saw in me something more than a living sign of the grace of the goddess.
But it will be even sadder to realize that you are no more.
Take care of yourself.
If you ever get tired of wandering around the world – find me.

Together is more fun. ”
“See you later,” I said, depending on how she was rapidly hiding in the night more often.
There was no sense to overtake her.
Looking for an elf in the woods at night was just as fun as catching the wind in the field, having legs on a heavy piece of stone.
Getting up and dressing, I walked in the direction indicated by her.
After a while, the trees began to thin, and then they parted completely and I had a view of the majestic edge of the mountains.
Right in front of me was a monument to the acts of the older races.
A fortress built by elves and gnomes.
The gnome is impregnable and elvishly beautiful, it has retained its grandeur even centuries after being built.
Carved in stone, it resembled a mighty warrior who fell asleep, pulling the last minutes from fate before the coming battle.
The fortress gates were demolished by an unknown force.
Passing under their doors, I felt the breeze of the chilling wind coming from the depths of the empty building.

What awaits me there? The future will show.
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