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Webcam video of. I closed the tap, carefully removed the tip from the granny’s anus, squeezed her buttocks together and told her to lie in the same position for another 5 minutes.
“If you knew, doctor, how I feel like crap now,” the unhappy grandmother whined.
“I know, and this is wonderful,” I replied, “but you still have to wait that specified time, then you will be able to empty it.”
Baba nodded her agreement.
After the indicated time, I ordered the woman to straighten her legs gently, to get up from the couch, but he continued to hold her buttocks tight.
“Oh, doctor, where am I going to shit?” Asked Grandma, rising to her feet.
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Check if webcam works. So it was this time.
Vova was unpleasantly surprised that the viewing of the cartoon in the most interesting place was suddenly abruptly interrupted.
He turned around – his mother and sister were standing nearby.
Mother held in her hand the remote control of the video device, and the sister held the enema pear.
“The session is temporarily interrupted!”, Arina said, “Vanya, leave while in another room, and you, Vova, get your pants down to your knees and lie down on the sofa for an enema!” “Oh, no, mom, I don’t need an enema!”, The son howled, “I cried recently”.
“Yesterday morning,” the mother replied, “for you this may be recently, and for us and Arina — long ago.
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Porn photo teen striptease webcam. In the meantime, my players came in after me.
They stood by, watching my manipulations.
I decided that first of all I would do an enema to Karina, as the oldest one.
She can calm her sisters by her example.
In addition, she will have to undress briefly: she was wearing a turquoise bikini swimsuit, consisting of some triangles.
“And what will you do an enema,” Karina suddenly asked, “I thought she was being made a pear?” – Pears do an enema only for children, and you will be older, so I’ll give you an enema from Esmarch’s circle.
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Webcam not detected on skype. Mom told her sister that she should learn to put on an enema on her own – just in case my stomach hurts again, and her mother will not be there.
They put me in the same position, in which mommy first groped me – on her back, with her legs apart – and my mother sat down again.
And Julia herself smeared my ass, inserted a long volumetric tip, and stood by the bed, holding the hot water bottle high above it.
Under my ass, so that no water oozed on the bed, she put a towel and a piece of oilcloth: During the whole procedure, my mother constantly massaged my tummy, asked me to relax and not worry, gently stroked my cheeks, and sometimes – on my chest.
But soon I felt that I needed to be on the toilet very much – as much as I had never wanted before! “Mom, I crap myself now, can I go to the toilet?” – I asked.

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Mom daughter webcam porn. ok and climbed back into bed under the covers.
Suspecting nothing wrong, the girl returned to the kitchen and drank the rest of her coffee.
Vova was lying and giggling maliciously: “So, so, Arina, tomorrow morning you won’t show up.”
And the day after tomorrow my mom and I will give you an enema.
Then you will find out how bad I have to be when you creep me almost every week. ”
In the evening of the same day, Arina complained to her mother that her stomach aches a bit, but I don’t feel like crap at all.
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Gay 4 webcam. Suddenly, gases began to come out of me, literally continuous volleys, and I could not help it.
I just burned with shame, but the doctor said that everything is fine and do not be shy.
When the gases came out, my stomach slightly decreased in size, and she gently began to pull out the expander, and then allowed me to dress.
My diagnosis was severe constipation and flatulence.
The doctor prescribed a strong laxative, and after it an oil enema in an hour.
She said that an enema can be put in a policillary, and I can be at home myself.
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Amateur housewife webcam. “Baba, how much water did you pour there?”, Asked the grandson.
“As it should be, two liters,” replied the grandmother.
“Wouldn’t it be for a lot?” “No, it’s impossible to eat less, I need an enema to wash all guts to the end!” Explained woman Zina.
Then she took a glycerin cream from the shelf and richly smeared it with an enema.
“You will thrust him into my ass hole, wherever the Kaka comes out, okay?”, She asked her grandson.
“Yes, but my hands will be occupied, I’m holding an enema!”, His grandson replied in a voice trembling with excitement.
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Hidden cam porn sites. She managed to find out that Marina is meeting Vasya from a nearby house.
At first, these meetings were preceded by numerous cosmetic procedures in front of the mirror, common for girls, but recently Marina began to spend much more time in the bathroom before the meeting than in front of the mirror.
Nina noticed that before going to the bathroom, Marina takes with her a bag of red rubber with a long hose ending in a white plastic tip.
Exactly the same tip was on a rubber pear, which my mother used to do an enema to Nina herself.
To the question “what is it?” addressed to Marina, she replied “not your business” or something like that.
Nina decided that this item has a forbidden character, but she did not fit into the head that Marina is doing herself an enema.
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Big breast teen webcam. The girl loosened her grip slightly, but didn’t let go of the boy completely.
“I’ll hold him by the sensitive place,” she told her friend, “come on, spread the hole and put in an enema.
Then we will change places with you! ”
“Okay, I’ll try!” agreed Nadia.
She plentifully smeared her right index finger with her cream, put it on her brother’s anus, and slowly began to shove it inside.
The girl first introduced her finger into the asshole of Gena, for the other times, when he was given an enema, she tried to quickly put the tip of an enema there and squeeze the balloon, as it was difficult for her mother to keep her roaring and terribly resisting son.
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Hot webcam threesome. sometimes maybe twice.
but more often than once, “explained Ira.
“Listen, Ira, and let me check your asshole, maybe you also have constipation?” , suddenly suggested Alina.
“Check if you want, but I have no constipation,” the niece did not object.
“Here, clever girl,” my aunt was delighted, “well, raise Platitse up and take off your pantyhose with panties up to your knees!”.
Ira reluctantly executed the order, exposing her round ass to Alina.
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