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Best webcam strip. Putting her panties down and finding them wet, Katya just froze in a misunderstanding.
What is it with her? She was so excited and did not notice that the pussy began to flow? But when and what did she get so excited? With these thoughts, the girl sank into a hot bathroom, refilled with any kind of salt.
After lying down for about 5 minutes and recovering a little, Katya decided to recall the course of today, in order to find out the cause of the wet underpants.
The girl remembered that when she went to the toilet before the workout, her panties were dry, which means that she was excited in training.
So, what was so exciting in training? There were no boys, only she, Lisa and Vera with Inga.
Stop, is this Liza again ?! But what effect does it have on Katy’s body and feelings? The girl remembered that Liza was engaged today not as usual in her baggy pants and T-shirt (it’s so fashionable now, with which Katerina was ready to argue with foaming at the mouth), but in tight leggings and a T-shirt, which made it clear that Lisa chest and butt were more Katyankin.

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