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We decided to open the first bottle of wine.
The wine was good, but fortified, and it hit the brain only on the way, and I thought that I had to drink wine first and then catch up with beer, but again, it was already late, and I soon began to think about how do i turn my monstrous plans into reality.
We sat on the sofa.
Natasha sat a little away from me, and from time to time I could not help looking at her legs.
I was obsessed with them.

To escape, I went out to the balcony to smoke, but even here I was not in complete peace of mind.
She did not see me watching her through the glass.
She sat on the couch, legs apart, drank wine and watched TV.
I finished smoking, went back to the room and asked her to turn on the music instead of the TV.
She agreed.
Light music created a good atmosphere for deprivation of virginity.
We chatted for a while, and then she accidentally dropped the bag of chips under the table.

Naturally, I climbed behind them and did not miss the chance to look under her skirt.
She seemed to play all this time with me, testing me for strength, and I decided that I should start to act.
We opened the second bottle of wine, and I suggested that she dance a little, but that was just an excuse to get close to her.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.
We merged in a 10-minute kiss.
Gradually, my hands began to descend lower and lower, and now I felt the fabric of her panties and slowly began to stroke her there in time with the music.
It was clear that she liked.
She moaned slightly and moved toward my hand.
I sensed the seductive scent of her perfume, and was already anticipating the massacre of her virgin, but then she suddenly said that she needed to go to the bathroom.
Probably felt its inevitable hole.
I drank more wine, and she came.
I asked what she was doing, but she dodged the conversation and said: “Let’s drink to us again.”
“It’s good for us,” I thought.

She lay down on the sofa, her legs crossed.
Well, the very modesty itself! Wine finally killed me.
I clung to her and began to quietly pantyhose her tights.
She did not resist – alcohol also made itself felt.
I pulled them to about the knees, and her legs began to slowly move apart by themselves.
Then she herself pulled down her panties and took off her little skirt, and the wonderful image of her sweet bud opened before me.
“Finally,” I thought.
I have been waiting for this moment all evening, and maybe my whole life.
But at the same time with the desire to break through this tselochka, I had an obsessive thought – I wanted to severely avenge her for a pack of chips and a moment in the hallway.
At first, I decided to warm it up a little bit – I began to twirl with fingers the virginal vagina and the clit.
I immediately stuck my fingers to the maximum depth and felt all her hole from the inside.

It was quite wide and deep, just for my dick, I thought.
Natasha moaned, her vagina gradually poured heat, like my cock.
Then I stopped to finish off the wine that was left in the bottle, and then my plan was ripe.
I poured some wine into my palm and doused her hole.
It turned out that my slut was already running out of juice.
Then I put the wine and decided to taste it – what happened? It was an indescribable taste and aroma! The proximity of her vagina completely eclipsed my drunken mind.
I carefully, millimeter by millimeter, licked her fragrant hole, penetrating deeper and deeper with my tongue, trying not to lose a single drop of this devilish mixture.
Then I started literally fucking her with my tongue.
I frantically shoved and stuck it out, and in the end she came.
We decided to relax a bit and drank wine.
But it seemed to me that the devilish cocktail was not enough – after all, I had not yet learned how to do this whore.

I took the bottle and slowly began to enter it into the vagina.
The neck was long – just for such a bottomless hole! I cranked it there several times and pulled it out.
Natasha snatched the bottle out of my hands and began to lick her neck in a fury.
“Good birthday slut!” I said.
She smiled wickedly.
Her appearance excited me more and more, and I finally decided to go to the main part of the performance.
I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick.
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