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Trust webcam 1080p. Katya had to take the initiative in her hands, turn me to her back and pull my hands.
Automatically, I extended my arms to her and she carefully tied them crosswise behind her back, tied a rope around her chest and after a pause, resolutely tied her hands to her waist, tying a large bow in front.
- “Lie down!” – Katya said in a whisper, and from uneven breathing I realized that she was also very excited (I read some things about it).
And knocked me back.
I was lying and waiting for the continuation, but nothing happened.
“Where are you?” I asked.

“Now,” she replied and after a short silence she added, “you know that, I guess, I’ll tie your legs for you, after all, for the first time, you never know what.
You do not mind? “I would not mind.
Kate took the second rope and wrapped around the legs.
Eyes blinded me the light.
It turns out that Katya lit the lamp, then she covered it with my T-shirt, so that only a dim light would remain.
Our tent was made of thick tarpaulin, perfectly fastened and I did not worry that they would see us from the street.

Kate took off her pants and stayed in some white panties.
Immediately, my eyes fixed Katya between my legs, I was unable to take him away.
Kate noticed it, smiled and asked: – “Like it?”.
- “Yes!” – I replied, barely holding my breath.
But for a long time I couldn’t admire this spectacle, because Katya threw one leg over me and sat on my stomach, or rather a little lower, and touched a penis that was as hard as ever.
- “Oh, you guys: Do you feel comfortable?” she asked, settling herself comfortably.
- “Y-yes.
- I could only answer. “Katya leaned her hands on my chest and said: -“ Well, and what would you like to do first? ”-“ Can I kiss your chest now, even just once? ”-“ Oh, I could guess myself.
You know, you tell me what to do and how to do it, okay? “-” Okay. ”
Kate took off her turtleneck, which so tightly her body and unbuttoned her bra with the usual movement, then hesitated, holding the cups with her hands and exhaling, as if she had taken it off for bravery, exposing her breasts.
- “Class !!!” – I could not stand the sigh of surprise.

Her breasts swaying to the beat looked just breathtakingly and Katya, emboldened by my exclamation, began to stroke and knead them.
I looked all eyes.
I have already grown bold and asked me to kiss such beauty.
Kate again put her hands on my chest, sat a little higher and bent down so that her chest was in front of my face.
A second later she was already touching my lips.
I kissed her, then licked the velvet skin, then again, and finally I managed to grip my nipple with my lips and pull it into my mouth.
Katya took a deep breath, but did not pull away, but on the contrary pressed herself even stronger.
“Oh,” she said, “awesome.”
Now kiss on the other side. ”
And again she pressed herself against me, now herself, trying to get into my mouth with the nipple of the other breast.
I caught him and thoroughly sucked Katie under voluptuous sighs.
“Embrace me,” I asked, and Katya lay on me, hugging a hot, elastic breast.
I enjoyed her touch.
Katya slightly raised herself and kissed me on the lips, then again, more confidently and finally, she fell upon me with all her accumulated passion, penetrating my tickling, insistent tongue into my mouth.

She could not stop farther and began to crawl down, never ceasing to kiss my lips, chin, then neck.
When she reached her breast, she wrapped her arms around my body, squeezed me tightly and clutched her lips in her nipple, then at the other, began to pull and suck on them in turn, which brought me to insanity.
Then suddenly she went limp and froze on my chest.
- “What happened?” – I asked.
“You see,” she answered, rising to me, “I can’t, I already want to, but I don’t know how you would react to this.”
- “Do not worry, do what you want, I will be just glad” Kate turned off the lantern, lay down next to me and pulled me to her.
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