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Webcam little anal. He sat down and hugged me.
- Olezhek, what are we doing? How will all this end? For some reason, I’m afraid to imagine.
- And I know, now you turn on the music, we will dance and kiss.
Then I will show you a striptease, by the way you never showed it to me, and with a burning desire you will take me to bed.
After some time you will finish reading the book and we will return home or somewhere else.
Or here we will become ourselves again, you will become pregnant and give birth to a baby, and then everything will be fine too.

- Oleg, the book is big, I understand that you love me and are ready for anything, but I do not want to strain you much.
Let’s be back home from time to time.
We will stay with ourselves, run on business, it’s certainly nice here, but at home it’s more comfortable, and you can change floors there too.
Who can stop us? If you don’t mind, of course? I was elated, he wanted the same thing as me.
- Of course, I agree to go home, even now, but I spent so much time choosing a hairstyle and outfits.

So as long as you do not undress me and dragging me to bed, you will not finish three times, no less, do not stutter about any house.
Do you understand me, loved? Did I say this, who resisted the transformation to the last? Olga also looked at me with wide eyes.
- I’m watching you go in the taste! Something similar is happening to me too.
Let’s decide tomorrow and in spite of everything we will return to our former selves.
And now, I want to add something to your witchcraft.
We will change names and, if you like it, we will always do so.
And then – Olya what did you say? – Oleg, how did you sleep? – this makes no sense.
It was interesting, I immediately realized that I was Olya, and Oleg was sitting next to me, but this is all at the level of reflexes.
In my mind, I perfectly remembered and understood that I was Oleg and I would again think of myself as Oleg if I could only get my gender back.
- Why did you take our names, do not get confused? – Yes, it’s just that I like our names better, I don’t want to be Victor or Arnold, I want Oleg, in honor of you.

And now let’s dance! You seem to want to squeeze all the juice out of me, you can proceed! ”Silent music poured from the speakers.
I put my hands on his shoulders and we slowly spun in the midst of floating glory.
Strong hands stroked my shoulders, back, went down to the waist and on.
I, trying to touch him with the inner surface of the thighs, strongly pressed against his thigh.
He circled me in dance.
And I wanted his hands to slide over my naked body, so that they penetrated under the dress, got rid of panties and I could give them my naked tenderness.
Hip, I felt it, tearing out of the pants and hard as steel tension.
Oleg groaned.
I pushed him onto the couch.
“Sit and watch!” She snapped her fingers, the music changed, and I began my solo dance.
The windows closed, colorful lanterns emphasized the twilight.
The mirror ball twisted the circle of magic rays around the room.
The hares of light, running along the walls, slid over me.
Under their light, their clothes became completely transparent.

They alternately opened to Oleg the eyes of the details of my underwear, the body naked.
I, gradually getting rid of clothes, invitingly caressed myself and demonstrated the grace of my body.
It turned out perfectly for me, not for nothing that I clicked on, and gained experience as the best temptresses.
When I got rid of the last detail of clothes, Oleg approached me.
He was wound up to the limit.
He began to caress me and cover me with kisses, and I, being careful to undress him, tried to delay the moment of our closeness.
It was already late, I went on deck, huge stars were burning both above and below.
Exhausted Oleg I left sleeping on the bed, I could not sleep myself, I wanted to think.
Sat on the edge of the pool.
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