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Amateur public webcam. She continued to look after herself, so she was slim.
But the main advantage, which the boys from the yard allocated, was her breasts of the third size.
She was wearing a turquoise tight dress.
And when she turned slightly to greet me, the fabric was tight enough on the chest, and she appeared in all its glory.
Literally for a second hesitated from such a spectacle, I retreated to Vasily in the room.
We watched a movie on a computer and finished with a bottle of champagne and started on wine.

At that moment, the door knocked lightly on the door, and Vaska’s mother looked in.
- Guys can I sit with you.
And then one is completely boring.
Opening the door completely, she stood on the threshold of the room, all in the same turquoise dress.
Now that she was standing, I was able to see her completely and I liked what I saw.
Tight dress underlined her gorgeous figure.
Vasily looked at me questioningly.
“What are you looking at me for? Look what a gorgeous woman asks us to join the company.
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