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Sperm glittered on their silk hairs, flowing down the lips on the buttocks.
Brad finished unexpectedly.
He growled and began to lower on women’s faces.
Carol and Julia strongly rubbed their pussies, licking the hole of a spouting member Brad, and noisily swallowed his sperm.
She plopped on their noses, chins, and women tried to catch her mouths.

Carol’s vagina exploded with delight, and the sisters began to push their pubes howling from ecstasy.
Breathing heavily, Brad and Bobby collapsed to the floor, looking at their mothers, who were touching their crotches and licking each other’s faces from muddy sperm.
It seemed like a long time had passed before Carol rolled off her sister’s body, but in fact only a few minutes had passed.
Both moms lay on their backs, legs wide apart, their hairy pussies trembling.
Guys, excited, stared at them.
The members moved slowly.
Carol could not believe her eyes!

My son and nephew get up so often! She wanted them both again.
She wanted to fuck with the boys, sucking her sister’s pussy to make up for the pleasure that had been lost for all these years.
Cum glistening on Julia’s fluffy hairs was so attractive to Carol.
The desire to lick her was huge.
She rose and began to draw her lips to her sister’s crotch when Julia stopped her.
“Wait,” she said.
“We still have something for you, Carol.
And then you can do everything that excites you. ”
“I don’t think there’s anything left untested for me,” Carol said hoarsely.
“Everything that I know, I have already tried.”
“So you don’t know too much,” Julia giggled.
“But you still learn, believe me.”
“I would like to learn,” said Carol, sipping her slim body with her arms thrown back behind her head and her chest out with her nipples sticking out.
“I want to experience everything.
That’s all! “Julia sat down, running her hand over her sister’s pubis, wet from her son’s sperm, and then licked her fingers.
“Mmmm, I always have little sperm,” Julia murmured and dived between Carol’s legs, licking her.

Her tongue circled on wet lips, collecting Bobby sperm, glistening on them.
“I wanted to lick you, Julia,” said Carol.
“Mmmm, polizhesh” – she replied, diving tongue into a hot vagina, touching the inflamed clitoris, and thus forcing her sister to scream.
“Julia, I’ll finish again now!” Julia moaned, sucking hard.
Carol jerked her pelvis in frenzy ecstasy.
She closed her legs around Julia’s head, and she didn’t let Carol’s pulsating clit go until her swinging butt stopped.
Then the woman broke away from her sister and licked her lips.
“Ready for the next run, my sweet?” she asked.
“With boys, I mean.”
“I don’t know if I can once again right now,” Carol replied low.
“I’ve finished so much.
my pussy is so sensitive. ”
Julia thrust a finger into her.
Carol jerked and moaned.
“You can,” Julia laughed humbly.
“If I can, then you can.”
With her cloudy eyes, Carol watched Julia put Bobby on the edge of the couch.

His cock looked at the ceiling, and the testicles seemed to be full again.
“Come on, Carol,” said Julia.
“Sit on him.”
With a loud moan, doubting that she could bear another onslaught, Carol, reeling, approached her nephew and spread her legs.
She felt Julia squeeze between her thighs and rub the head of her dick over her crack.
Chomping wet, pussy opened up to take in a member, and the woman began to go down until the weary lips rested against the base of the penis.
Carol began to move up and down.
“Take your time,” said the sister.
“Don’t be so selfish.
We have another member here, haven’t you forgotten?
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