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Erotic webcam show. Or you do not care? – Yes.
I do not know even.
And what the fuck is the difference? – looking at Cormorant, Arkhip involuntarily raised his eyebrows, which is why his face immediately acquired a simple expression.
- Red, black.
me this, Sanya, on the drum! Anyway, fuck, what – black or red.
the main thing is that the mink itself should not be broken.

Well, that is, so tightly entered – so that, fuck, with a closet.
that’s the main thing! “Well, that goes without saying,” Cormorant, still looking at the monitor, nodded his head.
- And the rest, it turns out you do not care? The rest is all the same to you? – Duc.
maybe not all the same – how do I know that? – Arkhip shrugged in disbelief.
- Red, black.
what the fuck is the difference? – Well, this is someone like that! – Junior Sergeant Baklanov grunted meaningfully, thereby demonstrating to the ordinary Arkhipov his awareness of the issue of female attractiveness.
- But you’re up to the army.
did you fuck women before the army – did you have bixes? – Matter of course!

said Arkhip, and his face instantly broke into a smile.
- The first time I, however, did not really remember.
we were fucking drunk – we met the New Year in the country.
And the neighbor in the country, already drunk, came to us – like congratulating us like a neighbor.
Drank with us more – and chopped off.
The three of us took her home.
Well, the type of conduct it went – in a gentlemanly way, fucking.
They brought, and she – no one.
and she herself – no.
And we, too, fucking drunk.
Yurchik says: “But fuck, fuck her! From her, fucking, will not lose, but to us, fucking, in a high.
“He himself tells us this, and at the same time he himself is already fumbling over his swollen fly – he unzips his“ zipper ”on his jeans.
Well, it is clear that Seryoga and I did not refuse – too, fucking, excited.
They pulled up her dress, the panties were taken off her.
What the fuck are we, boys, not taking advantage of the moment? Lying fucking drunk – legs apart, slit opened slightly.

Yurchik first vdul her – finished in the “shell”, stood up.
I follow him.
too, fucking finished – pushed aside.
well, and Seryoga is already behind me.
In short, we didn’t even undress – only the pants lowered themselves to the knees, that’s all.
fucked her all three – and piled to her.
She didn’t even wake up.
count up! She was thirty or maybe a little more.
dick knows her! The next day, we ourselves did not remember much – such fucking were well-fed.
Well, that is, they remembered, of course, but it was all in a daze: I stuck it in, took it out – and forgot it.
Arkhip told all this easily and naturally, so the junior sergeant Baklanov, unwittingly tearing his eyes off the monitor, in the course of the story, unwittingly heard.
it was obvious that Arhip did not lie, did not invent anything, as the guys sometimes do, wanting to prove themselves in the eyes of people sexually experienced or even experienced with stories of their imaginary sexual adventures, – Buklan, looking at Arkhip, felt lightly envious.

and envy felt and vexation.
- I came, I saw, I won.
there is such a catch phrase, ”Cormorant said condescendingly, so that at least in this way, that is, with the knowledge of popular expressions, to somehow compensate for himself the feeling of envy-annoyance.
- Well! I also speak about it: I stuck it in, pulled it out – and left, ”Arkhip replied, in no way appreciating the knowledge of the cormorant of popular expressions.
The cormorant chuckled; for a second or two they were silent: Arkhip, having told about his first sexual experience, visually saw how, replacing each other, they pulled a drunk bixa at the dacha, and the junior sergeant Baklanov.
Junior Sergeant Baklanov, listening to the stories about the sexual success of others, always felt, felt some injustice.
offensive injustice felt younger sergeant Cormorant, listening to such stories! Take, for example, this Arkhip: stuck in, pulled out.
like two fingers pissing! “So she was about thirty.”
or a little more.

and you, shit, by how much? – Cormorant, asking this, tried to give his voice condescension, so that Arkhip inadvertently did not imagine that he, the “lodger” Baklanov, who was waiting for five days in a row of vodka and a lot of women, is all that interesting.
- We are seventeen.
that is, me and Yurchik are seventeen, and Seryoga is sixteen, he was a little younger than us.
It was all in the eleventh grade.
- Hmm! And I first tried it when I was barely fifteen – just the other day.
with a girl from a nearby porch – at her home.
Erotic webcam show.