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- my angry tirade was absolutely unceremoniously stopped by his lips, which nevertheless made me fly away.
Hate you! – I cried, falling from the bed.
Are you sure about that? – he looked down at me, leaning on his elbow.
Yes, – I hissed evil.
I thought so, – he got out of bed, unceremoniously grabbed me in an armful, and, regardless of any protests, dragged me into the bathroom.

Standing under a warm shower in the ring of his strong hands, I just boiled and.
melted away.
Something contradictory was happening inside.
I hate it, ”I whispered, biting my lip before falling into some kind of dreamy-light state.
It is amazing how pleasant it is to have a shared secret and soul mate with someone you love.
It made Vika and me very frank and very cheeky in sex.
Without embarrassment try a new and unusual, on which the usual partner would have to persuade or hint.
Do not be afraid that in his eyes turn into a pervert, and the relationship will end.
Already several times Vika tried to put her dick into my mouth.

I deftly wriggled out, but it could not go on forever.
- I’m not sure that I will succeed, but you will like it.
I answered honestly.
- Well, you can start, and in the process, I will tell, teach.
I gave up and Vika was conveniently located on her lounger.
Under the sound of wheels, I knelt down and gently took her dick in my hand.
Here the main thing to understand one thing, you deliver pleasure.
Like cunnilingus.
Itself you feel nothing directly, but the kind of girl groaning and wriggling under your caresses excites.
I remembered exactly what moments I love blowjob, when they make it to me.
He filled his mouth with moisture and gently covered his lips with the head of Vika’s penis.
Saliva flowed abundantly along its trunk.
Remember the teeth, I thought, and tried to open my mouth wider.
The base of the head is very sensitive.
Squeeze his lips.
With an effort to press on the head when it falls deeper into the mouth.
I did my best.
And Vika was very pleased with the first lesson.
She smiled and followed my movements with happy eyes.

I was embarrassed by how I looked from the side.
A man sucking dick.
Ugh, not cool! But the member belonged to my girlfriend.
This girl.
She’s happy.
So don’t care how I look there, we are alone here.
I caressed and licked and sucked her dick.
Hooked up his hands.
Squeezing her dick at the base with one hand and pressed to the trunk of her egg.
Then he began to masturbate the trunk, not forgetting to add moisture, when it became not slippery.
Vika closed her eyes and moaned.
Her flat tummy and breasts went in waves, when she pushed me to meet a member of strong hips.
- So.
Like this.
Darling, yes! I carefully watched and dutifully followed her prompts.
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