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A dirty shed with rotten boards and a leaky roof did not save at all from the cold wind and rain.
The earth floor was completely limp, and the slaves had to sit in the liquid mud ,.
closely clinging to each other, to at least somehow warm up.
The guards at the door were wrapped in raincoats soaked through and through, but did not lose their vigilance.
Their coarse hails and the clicking of heavy scourges could be heard all night, but the slaves, exhausted by the long journey, hunger and beatings, slept soundly.

“Hey,” a whisper came suddenly.
The girl with the skin, like burnt sugar, gently touched a neighbor on her shoulder, sleeping, leaning against the wall.
She opened her eyes and stared at the black woman.
“I know you,” the slave whispered, “the fat lord sold you.”
- So what? – the girl already wanted to turn away.
“Your name is Alice,” the black slave was pushing.
- Name, – corrected her girlfriend.
“And I am Tina,” the black woman faked her collar with her finger and showed the inscription.
“I want to sleep,” Alice turned to the other side.
“Tomorrow they will send me to the fields or pry at the gate,” said the black woman sadly.
“What you need from me,” the girl shook her head and looked angrily at the dark-skinned slave.
- Do you want me to caress you? – suddenly offered Tina, – And then you me.

Alice looked at her in surprise, trying to examine the annoying slave.
Squatting in front of her, her knees spread wide apart, a thin girl.
Her curly hair formed a lush head-like hat on her head.
On slightly stretched face, plump, slightly twisted lips and huge black eyes were clearly visible.
Long neck and narrow shoulders testified that the girl is still very young and does not differ in health.
Her thin arms were in constant motion, from which the heavy chains on her wrists made a hollow voice.
Apparently, the black woman was very nervous.
Small breasts with chocolate nipples were strewn with scars from the lash.
Most likely, its former owner often punished the slave with a whip.
Alice noticed something shiny in the crotch and, looking closer, saw a thick ring, threaded into the clitoris and ottyagivayuschee him like a kettlebell.
The black lips of the black woman were strongly twisted and opened the red cave.
Tina caught the gaze of the girl and, lowering her hand, rocked the ring.
“This is my former owner,” she said, smiling, “He attached a chain to him and took me for a walk.”
If I lagged behind or ran ahead, he tugged at him, and I immediately got up into place.
“But it was very painful for you,” said Alice, indignantly.
- So what? – the black woman has shrugged shoulders, – But all laughed, when I squealed.

The gentleman wanted to insert more rings in the nipples, but did not have time.
- What is it like? – I did not understand the girl.
- And so! Soldiers came and said that all property was taken for debts.
And they took me too.
In the evening I was raped and beaten, and then sold to this caravan.
Want to touch the ring? “My hands are dirty,” Alice tried to talk her out.
The black woman took her hand and put it to her lips.
Then she slowly began to suck on each finger and lick her palm.
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