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Vk com webcam sex. Alice suddenly felt how comfortable and calm she was in the strong hands of this giant, how nice to cuddle up against his huge muscular chest.
Clasping a man by a strong neck, resembling a stump of a telegraph pole, the slave laid her head on his shoulders and froze, completely surrendering herself to the power of this man.
“Sir,” the slave squinted at the eunuch’s large, slightly bulging eyes.
“I’m listening, my lady,” he said in a soft voice.
- Who you are? You.
- the girl stopped off thinking that she might offend a man.

“My name is Alfo,” the big man replied with a smile and a huge mouth. “I will protect you.”
But you, Madam, want to know if I am complete? I am not the one for whom you accept me.
But don’t let that bother you.
I will not harm you.
The girls leading the way opened a narrow door, and Alice and Alfo found themselves in a small room, along the walls of which stood low marble shops.
In the very center, emitting puffs of thick steam and exuding incense, there was a container that did not look like a bath at all.
Rather, it was a small pool, very similar to the one that she saw in Gennady.
Alfo gently laid a slave on one of the shops, covered with a fluffy towel, and squatted down.

After carefully examining the foot of the slave, he smiled and said quietly that the wound was small and that she would heal very soon.
“After bathing, the wound should be smeared with balsam,” the man ordered, turning to the maids, “Rub it well.”
The girls nodded according to their cropped heads.
Alfo rose from his haunches to his full height, picked up his jacket with one finger and quickly withdrew, handing the slave into the caring hands of the servants.
As soon as the door closed behind him, the young Odalisks gracefully threw off their covers and approached the girl.
Supporting Alice by the arms, they led her to the bath.
The slave leaned over and ran her hand through the thick foam that poured in the light of all the colors of the rainbow.
After trying the water and making sure that the temperature was quite suitable, she cautiously entered the pool and gladly sank into the soft fluffy foam.
Oh, what a pleasure it was after so many days of dirt and dust ingrained in all the pores to be in hot water, the muscles that had become stiffened from the forced immobility were relaxed.
The girl inhaled the aromas of fragrant herbs with ecstasy, feeling the touch of soft foam to the tired body.

One of the servants sat down at the side of the pool, widely spreading her thin childish legs to the sides, and cautiously, as if afraid of breaking something, pulled Alice to her, laying her back on her elastic tummy.
Slightly pressing on the shoulders, she plunged the slave into the water, leaving only the head on the surface.
The lock clicked, and the heavy collar, squeezing the slave’s throat, opened.
Alice sighed with relief.
The servant’s gentle and brisk fingers began to dance, unraveling and straightening the slave’s hair, pouring it on the fragrant liquid that exuded the intoxicating smell of pine needles, so familiar and beloved by a girl from childhood.
The second maid, having attached herself to the side, put Alice’s leg on her shoulder and began to work on her nails, deftly wielding a small diamond file.
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