Webcam monster.

Webcam monster. Instead of a greeting, I get a knee kick in the groin.
I fall to the floor, writhing in pain.
The girls, armed with knives, cut all my clothes on me, so I remain completely naked.
Kicks make me rise and on all fours they drive me to the second floor to one of the apartments.
One of the girls puts me on my knees, takes me by the ears and starts fucking with a strap-on right into my throat.
The second one comes up behind me and starts hitting my balls.

Eggs hurt, ears burn, tears flow from eyes, drool from mouth.
I finish on the dirty floor.
I poke his face in a puddle of sperm.
Poke so hard that I break my nose.
A mixture of sperm with blood and snot make me lick off the dirty floor.
Then they laid me on the table, hung clips with weights on the nipples and fucked in my mouth and ass.
I finished three times.
All sperm was smeared on my face.
Mouth and ass hurt.
But the girls of this small, they begin to fuck me with a bottle of champagne.

First neck and then bottom.
So that I do not yell my mouth shut me with someone’s smelly socks.
I broke my ass.
Having played enough with the ass, the girls partially undressed and began to write: first in my mouth, then on my head.
I just wet again began to fuck strap-ons in the throat.
The second girl abruptly tearing the clamps off her nipples, began to drip on me with melted wax from a candle.
Nipples, eggs, a trunk of a member, an open head.
I could not yell, there was a strapon in my mouth.
At the same time, she did not forget to beat me in the balls with her fist.
One of the girls poked.
I was forced to eat it.
I spat right on a bunch of shit.
I was told to eat shit interspersed with my vomit.
I swallowed and almost immediately vomited back.
Having understood the senselessness of the process, the girls gave me urine to fill the eyeballs.
Naked on all fours kicked me out into the yard.

They stuck my face into the dirt, each girl took me for one egg and squeezed hard.
I have disconnected.
When I came to my senses, the girls smoked standing on the home.
Ashes shook my head off.
One of them with a boot pressed my cock into the dirt.
Dokuhriv, they zachchkovali cigarettes.
About me
One about the nipple, the second about the member.
I howled in pain.
The bulls flew into my open mouth.
There the girls spat, and one also blew her nose.
The girls got into a big black jeep and, finally, drowning me in mud, left.
I lay in a muddy puddle, naked, maimed down.
For some reason I started to jerk off.
I lay jerking my dick and kneaded my balls.
It was brutally painful, but for some reason I did it.
I woke up from what came.
I dreamed that I was masturbating, and I started to masturbate without waking up.
I finished at the same time there and there, and this woke up.
- Good morning! – Julia looked at me with big eyes – For the first time I see a man sleeping and jerking at the same time! – I had a nightmare! – Did you jerk off in a nightmare? – I jerked off when it was all over! – Tell me? – Come on, no.

I would not want to experience all this even in the memories again.
I’d better tell you how I went to the store yesterday.
In the kitchen at breakfast, I told how to buy a vibrator in a sex shop, and how I was showered by saleswomen.
Julia listened to me in silence.
I did not have time to tell about the invitation of the girls: Julia ran away to work.
I was greeted by a secretary: legs from the ears, height over 180 plus studs, a shorter skirt not much, a smile like in Hollywood, dyed blonde.
- Hi – Julia came to me and kissed – Come on.
- Hello – I replied, kissing her – You have not invited me to my job! – Once you miss and fuck with the saleswomen, we will try to occupy you! I took off Yulia’s shoes, pants, panties, put my shoes back on and helped fasten the strapon.
She looked gorgeous: a tall brunette with a short haircut, a white blouse, a black jacket, a strapon, long tanned legs, and stilettos.

Yulia sat down in her director’s chair and, playing with a strap-on, said: – Get on the table and show me a striptease! I climbed onto the table, Julia cut in the music and I started to dance.
I don’t know how to dance, so the striptease in my performance made me laugh more than I aroused Yulia, but she was pleased.
She laid me on her desk and fucked with a strap-on in the ass.
Webcam monster.