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Carefully wiping Sasha’s pisinchik with a baby napkin, I pushed back the basin with my foot and gently lowered the boy to the ground.
- Well, – I smiled, – Now, having signed, you can go to the pool.
Run to the kids! I jokingly slapped Sasha on a bare ass and he reluctantly went to the inflatable pool.
- What are you worth? – I turned to the seven-year boy, coming after him to the pool, – Get in! Sasha grimaced in displeasure and climbed into the pool.
“And I immediately sat down,” I grinned. “So that no one can see his boy gadgets.”

However, Sasha failed to hide behind the walls of the inflatable pool for a long time.
“Nowhere will you hide from us,” I grinned, noticing that the other girls had surrounded the pool.
- What a beautiful fish, – Ksyusha smiled, squatting next to the pool, – Is this yours, Sasha? Once again in the spotlight, a seven-year-old boy blushed deeply.

“A fish swam,” Ksyusha said with the same kind smile, “That’s right, around Sasha.”
“She is trying to stir up the offended boy,” I guessed. “And he is sitting, pouting.
He was offended that he was sent to the pool to the kids. ”
Suddenly, the priests, who appeared from under Sashin, made large bubbles create a smile.
“Shame on you,” I looked derisively at Sasha, who was farting, “Do you want it big?” Red as a cancer, the boy shook his head negatively.
- And then what did it be? – I smiled.
“I decided to play underwater bubbles,” Nastya giggled, causing everyone to laugh.
- Now the rest will join, – I grinned, – The little ones love this game.
I was right – the next second, out of Maksimkina, the priests seemed like a big bubble.
“You will not get bored with your boys,” smiled Ksyusha.
12-year-old girl again picked up a plastic fish.
“The fish swam and let’s jump,” she continued.
- Did the dolphin become something? – grinned Nastya.

“Fish also know how to jump out of the water,” said Ksyusha, “I saw it myself on TV recently.”
- Yeah, they can, – Lenka agreed.
- Have you, Sasha, ever seen jumping fish? – turned Ksyusha to a seven-year-old boy.
“Nope,” Sasha negatively shook his head.
- So jump out.
- Ksyusha took the orange fish out of the water, – And they flop! A girl with a flourish hit plastic fish in the water, spraying Sasha with a fountain of spray.
After that, the same thing was done with a furiously laughing Maksimka.
“At least I amused one,” smiled Ksyusha.
“Why only one?” – I grinned, noticing an uncertain Sasha’s smile.
But it was enough to meet the boy’s eyes – and his smile disappeared instantly.
“I don’t want to show that he, too, is interested in splashing in the pool,” I guessed, noticing how Sasha pressed his lips again offended, “Otherwise they will consider him a baby.”
- By the way, – said Ksyusha, – All the fish will be enough.

The girl gave each child a plastic fish.
“And now you will show me how the fish jump,” Ksyush announced, “I wonder who will have more splashes.”
Three kids began enthusiastically to beat their fish on the water.
- And what does Sasha’s fish not jump? – affectionately addressed the seven-year-old boy Ksyusha, – Tired? Let’s help her.
Ksyusha began to play with Sasha’s fish.
- Jumped out and back, – the girl smiled, – Oh, accidentally spat on Kohl.
I’m afraid now Colin’s fish will get her revenge.
Kohl, instantly taking the hint, hit his fish in the water, spraying a dumbfounded Sasha with splashes.
After a moment of confusion, the seven-year-old boy responded in the same way.
This story happened when I was 21 years old.
I have been dancing since I was a child, I preferred fast and passionate dances such as rumba, tango, etc.
And so I participated in a dance competition.
My partner was just amazing, but we had a fight on the eve of the competition.

That’s because another girl appeared and said that she would be dancing with him.
He made a mistake and first chose her, but then he returned, apologized and chose me.
Of course, I returned, but the tension remained.
Because of this, we often swore and the dance, you know, was so-so.
Our couple is 23 in a row, then there were 19.
I was sitting in a small room above the stage, they were usually not allowed in there, but I had the key.
And there came Venya, my partner.
He kissed me passionately and.
The couple on the stage moved quickly and smoothly, with fast music.
How to use webcam on acer computer.