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Innocent webcam tube. I already started to hate Lana, it’s all because of her.
- Thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you.
And we went home.
Arriving, we headed to the bedroom.
Lit candles there, and Olya quickly undressed herself, and then undressed me, leaving a peignoir with panties.
My member apparently rested and rose.

His head came out of the panties.
My wife, took off my peignoir, and then slowly pulled down her panties.
In the background of my penis, on the pubis, the hairs depicted a heart.
- Ummm, cool.
Here is a gift.
She walked around me.
- Hair remained only on the pubic, very beautiful.
Now, this view should always be.
Not any hair.
I am already tired of your sweaty forest.
I will not even suck you, if there is still such.
- Well, well, I really is not comfortable, prickly.
- Nothing, tolerate, for my wife you can.
And who did you haircut? – I stopped in before work in the salon.
- And of course there did the girl cut you this haircut? – No, some sort of aunt is already aged.
- Oh well.

She pushed me on the bed and sat on my dick.
- Today I want to fuck you.
You lie down and groan louder.
I want to hear your passionate songs.
She fucked me and fucked, and I moaned like a woman, like a whore.
I was so good.
Olga had me quiet, only her breath.
After a while my dick squeezed pussy, and they both began to throb, ending.
My wife got off, wiped off by my penoir.
- Wear these clothes, and wear them for two days, and then every day in the shower and a new set.
I don’t want to smell your animal smell anymore.
We went to the kitchen to drink wine.
Ole came some kind of sms.
- What do they write? – Yes, here Lana, says that she sent me a file to the post office.
Must see.
She took the tablet and opened an email client.
After a couple of seconds, a video appeared on the screen.
It was depicted Lana, naked with legs wide apart.
Between her legs, a man was lying and licking her.
Her pussy and his face were white from sperm.
I could not believe my eyes.
The file has ended.

The letter was written as follows: – Olga, count up, I fed her sperm.
I fucked with one guy, Pasha came to me, wanted to lick me.
And he loves when the pussy is not washed.
Well, I did not have time to undermine.
One left, Pasha came in two minutes.
I tried to persuade him to let me go in the shower, but he wants to lick this and that’s it.
Well, that licked.
The truth can be seen he did not understand that the sperm lacquered, my cat.
Okay, kiss you, my dear.
- You saw it all? – Yes.
- Well, how are you? – Sorry for the man.
Olya smiled.
- My man! This is another part of my life.
I will be for you.
One spring warm evening I walked along the central city street.
The mood was good, the soul is light and happy.
A stranger caught up with me and asked a trivial question: “Girl, are you in a hurry?” The fellow traveler was clearly not the first youth, an elderly uncle, a rustic look, but the manner of appeal was captivating.
At first, I wanted to respond abruptly: “Yes, I am in a hurry!” Then I thought: “It’s a wonderful evening, I don’t want to go home so early!” But I answered: “No, not really.

He offered to sit in a cafe, talk about this, about this.
We headed to the open street cafe and took a table under the tent.
My companion ordered a bottle of beer, while hinting that it was, so to speak, to warm up.
I did not mind.
He introduced himself as Basil, began to talk about himself.
It was felt that the elderly man just really wanted to talk and talk about sore.
So for talking we drank a single bottle of beer.
Vasily offered to take a dry wine, I agreed.
Gradually, we persuaded a bottle of dry.
Looking at the clock, I realized that I should go back home, and the bladder made itself felt.
I thought I would take it home.
As is known in open cafes toilets are not provided.
My elderly companion volunteered to accompany me, we were on the way.
He lived in the Suburbs, but we need to go one metro line and go to one station.
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