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Lesbian cam fuck. When we returned to the hall, my Anka was not there again.
Together with her, Andrew and Sergey disappeared.
“The bride was kidnapped!” The guests cried out in chorus and I had to go again to look for her in this huge house.
The same Igor got in touch with me.
On the second floor we saw the door ajar in the far room.

When we looked into it, they both went nuts.
There, on the couch, my Anyutka appeased two of my friends at once.
Sergey nayariv her back, raising the hem of her dress, and Andryukha gave her mouth and only smacking his cock in the mouth of the bride, and the sniffing of her vagina under the blows of a member of Sergei broke the silence of the room.
The guys tried to conscience.
Sergey’s eggs spanked Anyutka’s thighs, and Andrew simply fucked her in the mouth, pressing his head with his hands.
- Fuck! In gives! Yes, she is your natural whore! – exclaimed Igor, – I’m sorry, of course, but your Anka herself asked me to “print” it today.
And I drunk it.
But now!.
In short, I see that she is now losing a grain and I’m probably charging her my “root” again.

Cho silent, groom fucking ?! – What to say?! Since this is how it turned out.
do anything with her, and I’ll go fuck the witness, ”I replied.
- Well done! I recognize my friend! You have always shared with me women, so why break such a good tradition because of a lousy wedding ?! – Exactly! Especially since everything you could have Anka already “broke”, goats! Okay, use it !.
- I said and went downstairs to look for a witness.
I found Natasha in a small room behind the kitchen.
She was already “processed” by my witness Dimon.
- What are you doing here Dim sum? Go upstairs and try my bride! She there now “spud” all and sundry! She does a great blow job, and you can not wear a condom, anyway, everyone is already letting it in her.
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