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The room of pleasure xx webcam. This, of course, not all the rules, there were many more, especially since Nastya constantly invented new ones.
Now I will tell you about one of my days from the life with the rules.
In the morning I was awakened by an unusual alarm clock – a strong current charge flashed my vagina.
Nastya and I found this device on the Internet and ordered it.
It worked like this – two iron clips were attached to the body, a timer was set and you prysypal without waking your friend.
Alarm clock hit me again.

I got up from under the blanket, but I didn’t take it off right away – when the day starts with pain it is easy to tune in to things.
The alarm clock struck again and I turned it off and went to the kitchen.
The kitchen also had its own rules – when cooking, you must wear a special apron.
He looks very sexy and in it I quickly prepared breakfast, after which I went to wake Nastya.
At first I licked her legs, but she either did not wake up, or pretended to be asleep, and then I turned to pussy.

Then Nastya groaned and opened her eyes.
I immediately clung to her lips and we kissed for a long time.
Then she got up and we started doing exercises – a new nastino invention.
After charging was finished I made the bed and we went to the bathroom.
We always washed in the same way: at first, we simply stood under warm streams, then rubbed each other with washcloths, and then wrote, feeling how warm urine flows down the thighs.
After washing we went to the kitchen, where we had breakfast.
When Nastya wanted to eat another spoon of jam, I smeared this spoon on my pussy and Nastya licked it from there.
I also decided to eat another spoon and Nastya, kneeling down and smearing the jam on the anus and between the buttocks, gave me to lick.
Then it was time to dress and we went to choose clothes.
I decided to wear a light red-pinkish very beautiful dress, which I bought after seeing in one porn movie.
It ended just a little bit lower than my ass and I decided to wear light-colored stockings to it in a rather large mesh.

I wore shoes on my legs and wore a very beautiful necklace around my neck, just like the color of my dress.
Underwear on me, as usual nebylo.
Nastya wore tight jeans, a top and sandals.
I completely liked her outfit, but she advised to take off her shoes and also wear sandals.
But on me the same stockings! – I said.
Then put on “gladiator sandals”.
I agreed and pereobulsya.
When we were about to go out, I realized that I was wearing long stockings, reaching half the thigh, and according to the rules, you should go down the stairs absolutely barefoot.
Heck! – I said.
- Nast, on my stockings! We’ll be late if you take them off and put them on.
Let’s punish you when we come? She suggested.
Come on! – I agreed with joy.
Nastya put me a cross with lipstick on her hip, where there was a place between the dress and stockings and we went to the driveway.
We went downstairs, went outside, put on our shoes and went to the bus stop.
Our university was not far away and it was quite possible to walk on it, as we sometimes did, but now we were traveling by bus.

The bus as always was crowded, but I think the bus is a very sexy place.
First, to hold on, you pull your hand up and show everyone your armpit.
But she can be shaved or unshaven, she can have a slight smell – as it excites when your armpit is right in front of a guy and he cannot take her eyes off her.
Secondly, in a crowd you can cling to anyone with impunity, you can also step on your foot, which is very cool if you are in sandals or sandals.
That’s why I love buses.
Nastya also believes that the bus ride for us is always sexy.
We had a little ride and soon we were already on a pair.
The end of the school year was nearing, everything was fine with Nastya and we could afford not to pay much attention to studying.
On the first couple we masturbated each other’s pussies, on the second Nastya I shoved an ass eraser, at the big break it was generally super: Nastya bought a chocolate bar and decided to feed me.
The room of pleasure xx webcam.