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Public webcam teen. Whisper my name quietly.
And more precisely, the name.
But, in principle, I do not care.
You are my.
Only mine.
Shut off the rest of my clothes.

I realize that I can not wait any longer.
I want you.
Sorry Davie, but for the first time it always hurts.
Cover your mouth with your hand so as not to scream.
I kiss you, calm you down, stroking my head.
All is well? You nod, but tears involuntarily appear in the eyes.
Do not be afraid.
I’m not afraid, Linke.
Do you believe me.
After a while I hear you throwing your head back, whispering something in ecstasy.
Groans of pleasure, not pain.
This is what I expected.
You are not hiding anything, shouting my name.
I like your voice.
A shiver runs through your body.
You are not thinking anything now.
As I.
Faster and faster.
How could I hope? Did you ask for the truth? This is my gift to you.
Such a small revelation.
Not a fake and not a game.
I love you.
And I do not want to lose.

This could be understood by the characteristic sounds from below.
You were still asleep, and I did not want to wake you up.
But if you woke up alone, I would not forgive myself.
Push it.
Smile and moan something unintelligible.
Wake up.
Do you remember that you have a bunch of guests? This is a provocation.
You keep lying dead.
Get you out of the cushion hugs.
I get up and start dressing myself.
You slowly lazily slide off the bed.
I collect your things and put them next.
Get dressed.
You get up to open the window.
You get a pack.
I approach you and hug from behind.
You smoke
I pull another cigarette and a lighter out of your pocket.
You said you didn’t smoke.
I do not smoke.
Well, yes, I thought so.
On leaving the room I kiss you again.
So as not to forget, so as not considered a dream.
There are a lot of people downstairs.
Someone you know, someone not.
In fact, many of them do not care.

And me on them, because I have you.
And you, in turn, have one who hears you.
You’ll never Walk Alone.
I’m with you.
And let the music flow forever, And fingers sorted out the strings.
Of course, it was difficult with you, Sometimes, my friend, but it was necessary.
This is the first story, so do not judge strictly.
There are moments that you will remember for a lifetime. Amateur public webcam. This is one of the few incidents that happened to me.
With Marinka, we were the best friends, shared all the gossip experiences all that happened in our lives.
We tried to look beautiful and attract the attention of guys, dressed as short and as little as possible, thereby showing who is the coolest of us.
My name is Julia, I am 18 years old, about 170 cm tall, and specifically 168, but we are still growing up to 25 years old, slender brunette, brown skin, brown eyes and a lot of beautiful and sexy things that the boys look at with a devouring look.

The chest of almost second size is not big but I like it.
Long straight hair is very dark.
Not long ago, I broke up with the guy, although we didn’t really meet. Ebony teen webcam. We went for a walk.
So there was one and could do what you want and how.
So enough about myself, I will continue my story.
Arriving at the dance school, we went to the locker room to change clothes and get ready for the dance.
In the summer of clothes we had little shorts and a T-shirt.
When we started to change clothes, Marinka took off her shorts and I noticed that she was wearing lace thongs.
I asked her: – Marin will be convenient for you to practice in them, where will you not rub? – I said laughing with sarcasm.
To which the marina replied: – And I will be engaged without panties now, after all, it is already so hot.
And she started slowly and eroticly taking them off with a little bit of her butt in front, thus showing her smoothly shaved crotch to the show.

Then she took off her shirt after which there was not some clothes left on her.
And I went to my bag for sportswear for dancing that we had fun near the front door.
At the same time saying: “And you are weak because someone will not see anyway, but the body is easy and free.”
To which I said: – Not at all, I am at home mostly now without panties and I go.
- Come on, take off make yourself at home – said Marishka smiling.
- No problem.
And she also took off her panties, exposing herself completely went to her bag for clothes for dancing.
At this moment, when I passed by the front door, it abruptly opened.
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