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Webcam vista pro. She was lying on her parent’s bed again.
She was all wet with sweat and her own discharge, her mouth felt a salty taste of blood.
But the strangest thing was that she felt a strong pain in her buttock, like after a burn.
Alice with difficulty turned her head and through the veil that covered her eyes, looked at her watch.
Eight in the morning.
For the thick curtains barely differed daylight.

The girl pulled her hands out of the loop.
Then she freed herself from the straps that bound her elbows.
Some of the strongest defuses have devastated it to the limit.
With great difficulty, freed from the fetters and gag, Alice began to take off her panties.
Both plugs were filled with its grease, already thickened and beginning to smell.
Breathing heavily, the girl pulled off her dress and boots.
A light coolness enveloped her naked body.
Reaching the bathroom, Alice turned on the water, but there was no strength to stand under the shower, and she slipped down, spraying herself from head to toe.
Somehow reaching for a small mirror, she looked at her ass and discovered, to her great surprise, a huge red spot, like a bee sting.
The girl touched his finger, and the pain instantly disappeared.
- What kind of obsession? – Alice shrugged her shoulders, but she didn’t solve this puzzle, but simply leaned back on her back and closed her eyes.

An hour later, sitting in the kitchen over a cup of coffee, Alice suddenly remembered who Gelene was.
From these unexpected memories, a shiver ran through her entire body.
This tall and unnaturally thin woman appeared at their school a year and a half ago as head teacher for educational work and immediately received the nickname “dried viper” among students.
Helena always wore a strict business suit and old-fashioned shoes with low wide heels.
Her long black hair, like soot, has always been laid on top of a tight cone, from which an already narrow face looked even more terrible, and her little piggy eyes always looked maliciously even at the headmistress.
From the very first day of Helena behaved defiantly.
At one of the changes, she for all scolded some high school student for an unnecessarily frivolous outfit from her point of view, after which the girl’s parents took the documents as soon as next and transferred her daughter to another school.
No one really knew where this teacher came from, but judging by the manners and methods of communication with the students, it was possible to assume that the former place of work of this viper was a colony for juvenile delinquents.
She did not let go of her hands, but drove the guilty to the seventh sweat, while rewarding with such exquisite epithets, which no one has ever heard.

Especially sophisticated Gelena mocked the girls with a big bust.
Maybe out of envy, maybe for some other reason, but girls with breasts larger than the first size just howled by this SS.
And the guys immediately changed the nickname and started, for the eyes, of course, call her “Soltychikha.”
But the main events occurred in the summer, when the whole class went to the collective farm.
Headed this labor camp, of course, Helena.
The children were placed in the rooms of the old school, and the main warder herself occupied a small side room, which also served as a warehouse.
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