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He was especially surprised to see his wife.
A little short, a little plump, black hair and causing black eyes.
He said that Nat is more like a Caucasian woman.
We chatted until darkness and I did not notice how I was asleep on a lounger.
I woke up loud wife laugh.

She stood in front of her in a T-shirt and tossed me a towel, told me not to snore like a bear and go to the shower.
I really needed a shower.
The coolness of the night and the slightly cold water made me cheerful.
Only in the shower I began to think normally again.
The sight of my wife on the terrace made me excited, thoughts of sex were spinning in my head.
I headed to the terrace, but there was no one there.
A slight moan of his wife came from our room to me.
The thought that she had already given herself to David broke through a wave of excitement.
I went into the room, and a picture appeared to me.
David lay on the bed between his widely spread legs and was pleasing Nata’s bosom with his mouth.
- Little bear, I have a gift for you.

groaned his wife, and grabbing David by the hair ordered him to lift his ass to the top.
I looked at my wife questioningly.
-He is bi! And his ass is my gift for you.
David put his ass and continued to make his wife Cooney.
I threw off the shorts and went to the bed.
-Come on !.
fuck him, you have long dreamed of.
come on.
With one hand, I stroked David’s ass, with the other I urged my already quite excited member.
David extended his hand to the hole of his ass and smeared it with grease for my wife.
I put a member to the point and slightly pushing it easily went into him stopped.
David also stopped for a moment, and only my wife moaned loudly and sweetly.
Having made a couple of light shocks, I got to work.
I didn’t want to just fuck him, I wanted to have fun and deliver it to him.
I stayed different shocks and a different pace.
At the same time did not forget to watch his wife.
She kept going in orgasm, and between them looked at me with dull fucking eyes.

LTD! yeah her it started.
At some point, his wife pressed David’s head to the mattress and sat down with a wet cunt on his head.
So he was wedged between us like a slave between the masters.
-DAAAAAA! Sweet.
fuck him
fuck him good
Nat sat face to face to me and enjoyed how I fuck him.
She was completely absorbed in the excitement of the game.
Every now and then she told me in a commanding tone that I should beat him harder, and no, she gnawed his ass with her palm.
For me, it was new, I had never seen my wife like that before.
I tried to please her, and tried to extend the game as long as possible.
But as I did not try, I even came to an end.
Frankly, I don `t know where to stop and decided to end on David’s ass.
Natu is even more brought, she smeared the sperm on David’s ass and whispering in pleasure.
-Well, how are you my present ?.
true he has a beautiful ass.
Sweaty, I tried to breathe, fell on the bed and in a moment fell into a dream.
“Now you have enough saliva, now you can do it, bitch,” the owner stopped and Tolik pressed his head to himself, so that the member could not be released from the mouth.

Shreds felt strong, short tremors, which went sperm directly into his mouth.
Both froze still.
“Swallow, bitch,” Tolik heard and swallowed convulsively.
The taste of sperm was like nothing, a little bitter.
She looked like egg white, warm strange and unusual, like everything that was in this house.
Like a smooth-shaven body of a man who fucked his second day, like a sore pain in a hole, like parched lips, which were now tingling, as if he had eaten a lemon.
The owner got up from the chair and went to the kitchen.
The smell of freshly brewed coffee and cigarette smoke filled the apartment when Tolik appeared in the doorway.
He was already dressed.
“It’s time for you,” said the owner, “and you can’t even put on a jacket, it seems not hot.”
“I’m still hot,” answered Tolik, “and thank you for everything.”
The owner escorted him to the door.
-Able boy, you learn quickly.
And lie too, – the door behind Tolik closed.
It was a long time ago, but it always popped up so vividly in memory.

Tolik regretted that he didn’t stay with him, with the owner of the apartment, now he wouldn’t have to, but there is how it is.
Maybe even for a blowjob with him pay off, since the girl does not fit.
After the owner of the house went out with Tolik to talk about his affairs, his wife, a couple, Irene and a young man remained at the table.
The young man was introduced as a family friend.
And this friend did not take his eyes off Irene from the moment of his acquaintance.
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