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Public sex on hidden cam. Having worked a little and laughing merrily, the girls still managed to cope with naughty jeans.
She was wearing thin pink panties.
Under which it was possible to distinguish the dark and narrow strip of her intimate hair.
Here it became somewhat more difficult to focus on the game, the dark triangle between Anna’s slender legs constantly attracted the eye.
And then, it was the turn to remove some of the clothes from Igor.
This took up again loosing Anya.

She is at the request of Masha, pulled off his T-shirt, leaving him in his pants.
After the next game, Masha took off Anya’s thin T-shirt, giving her a sharp little chest with pinkish-orange nipples on display for all to see.
And she did not hesitate to take a moment to study the girl’s chest.
She took both hemispheres in her hands and slightly massaged them.

A wave of pleasant sensations passed through the bodies of both girls.
From this, Anna’s nipples became even harder, and Masha felt it with her palms.
So dishonest, you are still dressed, and I’m already naked.
You still have panties left, so there is still something to pull off of you.
- Igor encouraged her, continuing to keep her eye on Ani’s breast.
In the next game there was a draw, and the winning Anya took off her pants from Igor, and Masha’s net blouse.
Leaving Igor in his shorts too, who were trying to hide a member who was already ready for action.
Ltd., someone glad to see us.
- laughed Masha.
She, too, had already started from all these touches to naked bodies and from the anticipation of fulfilling her wishes written.
We have not seen your panties, so let’s lose, Mash.
- Igor retorted to her.

Meanwhile, the cards were dealt again, and the guys began to determine the next “victim”.
She turned out to be Masha, and Anya guessed Igor to leave her without tights.
Igor, put her on his feet, and he squatted, stroking her hands on her ass began to slowly pull off her tights, gently running his hands over her legs.
Having lowered them to the very bottom, I completely freed one leg first and then the second.
He had long noticed that he was attracted to women’s legs, not once caught himself on the fact that he watched the girls in sandals and looked at their neat fingers and pink heels.
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