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Muslim hijab jilbab webcam 3. As the text explained, it was possible to drive any objects into the anus, to do any type of enema (under the water, according to Uncle Yasha, the patient had to take in more solution), to catch and discharge any discharge into the sewer.
The chair with the patient could be raised and lowered on a special lift for the convenience of the medic.
If desired, the physician performing the procedure could enter the water himself.
For enemas, Yakov Petrovich offered special tips that vibrated when water was flowing through them, and could also irritate the girl’s erogenous zones through the intestinal wall.
In some places, the girl’s basin was shown in a longitudinal section with the tips injected.
Michael hid this notebook in the workplace and sometimes reread some of the most expressive passages.

Sneaking at the pictures on the monitor, Mikhail suddenly thought that if those who work in the same room with him get the essence of the project, the consequences may be unpredictable.
It turned out that fans of extreme entertainment often use anal vibrators, similar to what Uncle Yasha invented back in Soviet times. Arab hijab sex webcam. Muslim hijab jilbab webcam 3.