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Online sex video cam. “The singularity of these charms is not concealed in the evil thought of the dark ali of the bright sorcerer, but in the aggregate of concealed thoughts of intertwining souls,” he read.
And looked at Harry.
- What is that supposed to mean? “Read this piece of paper here,” Harry handed him another piece of paper.
Ron blew his eyes at Hermione’s written lines.
“The charms of the Imperius, being the product of the most black magic and having the basis of their submission to the black magician, chained the thought and will of it to his will,” Ron read.
“I have the honor to present the plan of a spell of a radically different nature, intertwining the minds and souls of people on an equal footing, without inequality and without opposition to the will of this, by the will of Merlin and the White Circle.

He grimaced as if he had eaten a rotten lemon.
- Something I still do not understand anything.

Intertwining minds – is it like? Harry sighed.
“I didn’t understand right away either,” he admitted.
- The language is very foggy and ancient.
Hermione could probably understand, but she couldn’t even think that we would use this spell.
- So what is it about? “If I figured it out correctly,” Harry said carefully, “then this spell was invented as a kind of opposite to the Imperius charms.”
If the charms of Imperius subordinate one person to another, and only an extremely strong will can withstand the effects, then the charms of Demo Kracius – which is indirectly given by the very name of the spell – put the enchanted person on equal footing with the seductive.
- What for? Ron did not understand anything.
“Perhaps it was designed as a way to ensure the integrity of the work of some collective circles,” Harry suggested.
- Imagine that the sorcerers of the same Wizengamot in turn impose Demo Kracius on each other.

As a result, each of them begins to want that and all the others, the will of each person is completely subordinated to the will of the majority.
In addition, the Demo Kracius spell protects against submission by the Imperius – serving as a kind of insurance.
Ron swallowed.
- That is, this spell subordinates the “chilled” to the general will of the suggestive enchantment? – he began to see clearly a little.
- But how then.
Harry looked down.
“Judging by the separate notes, one of which you read at the very beginning, they did not take into account the existence in man of the hidden sides of the human soul and its secret desires,” he said, without taking his eyes off the floor.
“What psychologists call muggles subconscious.”
A thick blush slowly spread over Ron’s cheeks.
- It means.
He did not talk.
“It has become what we wanted to see it,” Harry said with a detached lifeless intonation, continuing to gaze at the floor.
- Doing what we have secretly always wanted from her.

Probably, these desires were strong — secret desires were generally very strong if they were more powerful than Hermione’s own will and desires.
- I do not.
Ron fell short.
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