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X webcam show. One way or another, but still one of the reasons for the divorce, as she later admitted to herself, was just scant and uninteresting sexual relations.
And now she saw HOW a man can treat a woman! “With a submissive woman,” Irina always added to herself, reflecting on what she saw.
“Liza probably has no problems with sex! Interestingly, while at work, Oleg fucks her or not? I would have given myself recklessly! Although, what does it mean to “give up”? Judging by what Svetka said, they would not have asked me for any special permission! Just be fucked anytime, anywhere! Damn !! ”Thoughts about it so captured Irina, that even at work she was thinking about THIS only.
Now each client is a man, she first of all considered from the point of view of her “virtual owner”.

Looking at the man sitting opposite her, she imagined him in the place of Oleg Petrovich and wondered if he could do this to her! And most often convinced of the opposite.
Most of her clients were respectable, respectable people, engaged only in making money! It so disappointed her that even had to make an effort to look friendly!
He liked the new job.
A small office in the very center of Moscow.
Convenient parking was a pleasant surprise.
They were the Moscow branch of a large trading company, which employed only two dozen people, but all the time there were only three security guards on the ground floor, the head of the branch and his assistant.
With the arrival of summer, the tireless activity in the office died down and they had plenty of time to establish friendly relations.

John, being his twenty-eight very promising manager, received in Moscow his first managerial position as the best boss, it was difficult to wish for.
He appeared first, taut and fresh, drank coffee with the staff and disappeared by five in the evening for the next talks.
The assistant manager, as well as the secretary and part-time accountant turned out to be a pleasant young woman of twenty-five.
Being a hot brunette, Ella wore short haircuts, which made her look even more youthful.
Being a married woman (he sometimes caught a glimpse of her husband as an employee of a transport company who met her in the evenings on a silver Passat), Ella took over the arrangement of the entire economic life of the office.
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