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He hurried out of the room, throwing at her the last stern look already from the hall.
When the door closed behind him, Christina, feeling completely exhausted, threw back her head and closed her eyes.
God, what was she just thinking about when she wanted to tell him the whole truth about Matthew and Luke ?! It can be seen, her mind is completely clouded, if she has forgotten what her father is.
Remembered suddenly, she hastily got up and locked the door to herself again.

She pressed herself against her cold surface with a blazing forehead and almost silently whispered: “Damn it.
The next morning, by an unclear coincidence, the whole family gathered at breakfast.
Luka and Matvey for once appeared together when Christina and her parents were already sitting at their meal.
Matvey immediately picked up a freshly baked bun from the dish, biting it on the move with appetite, and sat down on an empty seat in the butt next to Christina, although for this he had to go around the table, passing other unoccupied chairs.

He looked cheerful, fresh and slept, he immediately got involved in a careless dialogue with Peter Danilovich and demanded that Luka make him a cup of cappuccino with cream and sugar.
Luka, on the other hand, looked silent and thoughtful.
He made coffee, set it in front of Matvey and sat down again at the bar with his double espresso, taking on the role of an impartial observer.
Christine felt something like despair, knowing full well that they both completely knocked her out of a rut, making her behavior and reactions even more inadequate than yesterday at dinner.
Anger at them, at themselves, resentment, fear, passion – everything mixed up in her sensitive soul, causing her to blush absurdly and foolishly to stare at her plate, almost not looking up.
Fortunately, Matvey took the general atmosphere at the table under his control, and Christine noticed with some relief that Dad seemed to show some kind of loyalty to him, supporting jokes and comments on general topics.
She had already begun to calm down, because no one particularly paid explicit attention to her, until she suddenly felt someone’s gaze on herself.

She raised her eyes and immediately flashed, noticing the dark eyes of Luke looking at her over Larissa’s shoulder, sitting right in front of her.
He smiled at her with the edge of his lips and immediately covered his vicious smile with a coffee cup.
- Kristinochka, why don’t you go for a company with Luka to this company today, which will decorate a restaurant with flowers? – suddenly, as if by the way, Larissa suggested delicately, and Christina almost jumped on the spot, hearing her name.
- BUT.
what kind of firm?
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