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She sat next to her daughter on the floor and started massaging her tummy with her right hand in a clockwise direction, saying: “Well, sway, get out of Innochka’s tummy, you are already quite softened with enema.”
From Annus Innochka a brown turd appeared again, this time not so long, and again fell into the pot.
Since the latter was larger than the girl’s ass, it was not difficult for the mother to shove his left hand into it and remove a piece of daughter’s feces from there.
She touched him with her finger and was horrified: “Daughter, yes, this is not your poop, but real stones in your stomach were sitting.
God alone knows where they might have come from there. ”

The child began to push again, but the result was no longer the result; only a small bunch came out and a couple of tablespoons of water spilled out.

Mom continued to massage her daughter’s belly hard.
“Well, cocoa, daughter, you really can’t even after the enema,” she encouraged the girl, but she stubbornly did not want to leave Innochka’s belly anymore.
Ira all the time stood by and carefully watched everything that happens.
“This is my first time, so that after an enema, she wouldn’t normally crumble,” Aunt Alina admitted, “maybe we did something wrong?” “Oh, yes,” she remembered, “we didn’t add oil to the water, that’s the problem! Well, never mind, she’ll have to do another enema out of pure oil, then she will crap like a cow.
“You don’t need an enema,” the little one whispered, but mother did not listen to her, but asked Ira: “So, where do you have vegetable oil?”.
“In the bottle in the fridge,” the girl replied, “let’s go, I’ll show.”
“Don’t, I will find it myself,” my aunt snapped, “you should watch Inna so that she doesn’t fall from the pot and also run nowhere, and I’ll go fill the butter with the pear.

Where have you left her? ”
Having received the answer that in the bathroom, the woman retired, and Ira remained to look after her little cousin.
“That’s how it happens that even an enema does not immediately help,” she sighed and stroked Innochku sympathetically on the head, “but do not worry, your mother will make another enema out of oil for you, and then you will surely poke.”
You just do not resist, okay, be a smart girl.
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