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Webcam in sony vaio. They went in and looked at my male farm with interest.
Everything is interesting to them.
pubic hair, and dick, and the scrotum hanging under it.
Pulls the girl-chick finger, but does not dare to touch.
Then I took the hand of a curious elf and put it on my dick.
- Do not be afraid, touch, just wondering.

The second, too, plucked up courage and began pulling hair pubes.
Murmuring in their own way, smiling.
I have two hands and two elf girls.
I, in turn, squeezed each breast, took hold of the nipple and squeezed hard.
The girls immediately forgot about my genitals, straightened and clutched with one hand in my nipple, the second – in the nipple of my girlfriend.
We stand as a triangle in which everyone holds the neighbor’s nipples on the right and the neighbor on the left.
And my head began to spin: Something rustles in my brain and through the noise I hear.
“he is not like that at all: and the hair below: funny made: interesting, does he have sperm”?

With great effort he let go of their nipples, broke off the triangle – and everything was gone.
I only heard about such a thing as parapsychology, but have I encountered it now? Two naked girls stand in front of me, their big eyelashes blink.
I unrolled one and slapped.
- Gone out of here! The second one (with a noticeable birthmark on her cheek) smiles from ear to ear, then turned and exposed her ass.
I had to send her a slap from the booth.
I got dressed, go out into the corridor, and bare naughty babies already bent over the troughs, do not wash, but stand and seem to tease me.
If on Earth, a naked girl stood like that, then without thinking, I would have planted her by the balls.
And with these how? If in the ass, then do not tear them a hole, if in a bare pussy, then whether it can break the hymen, until the “man” is not tucked chick his sperm.
From sin went into the yard to whip a whip.

Elves have provoked me.
At night I had a dream.
On a sunny afternoon, I run naked in the meadow grass.
A naked woman runs next to me, I don’t know if I’ve got it from me or from a friend.
And it smells like a woman.
Not perfume, not toilet soap, it smells like clean, well-groomed pussy.
A woman holds in her hand the trunk of my tight member; a beautiful young body, on which fat folds do not hang out, only slightly sagging breasts sway.
At the same time, as if from the side, I see the thighs flashing in the grass, the game of the buttocks, the narrow nervous back.
Wake up in sweat.
Somehow I can stand the monastic life here? The first elf I catch will fill you up and will fuck you to a pulp.
Fairy smokes a pipe After such a dream, I was in a bad mood, in which I went to the immigration office.
It was necessary to register as a colonist and get a piece of land due to such a pioneer.

At the same time, I had to open a bank account and state what activity I was going to create for my future well-being.
The office was located in the building of the city administration, and I wandered for a long time through the corridors until I found the necessary office.
Knocked, entered and: stunned! At the table with boredom on her face sat a fairy and smoked a long pipe.
The blue translucent dress, the sharp horns of the thin crescent in the hair, all this did not fit in with a tube clamped in his teeth.
Fairy rocked in the chair and melancholy sang.
Imperfect world sublunary, Soul wanders in the darkness.
Do not promise the virgin of young Love everlasting on earth.
Where is the line between passionate and reasonable? This is not known to us! Promise a young maiden Love crazy for an hour.
I had no time to lay out my documents and the application for the land, as she told me with a bored look everything, everything, everything.

Not only the surname, name, patronymic, year, month of birth, education, religion, drive, police, finance, but also a lot of details from my school age, which I myself forgot.
I am shocked, destroyed.
This kind of comprehensive information could only be gathered by the intelligence services about the president of an enemy power.
And then they would have to sweat.
“I’m bored,” said the fairy, “no one needs our magic knowledge.”
We love to help the worthy and do good deeds, become godparents, princes and princesses, gifts to bring to them at baptism.
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