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Webcam goddess spreading. Finally, big lips appeared, as pink as the whole body (or was it a previous crease?).
But Uncle Kostya did not show any disgust, on the contrary, purred voluptuously: – What a tasty, smooth, puffy, delicious you are.
Now I kiss your kitty, tongue tease you, right? “Yes, dear, lick me all up,” Aunt Nadia screamed at him in tone, “my sap is exhausted.”
Running two fingers inside her body, Uncle Kostya stuck his tongue far out and touched some point in the depths of the folds.
Aunt Nadia began to breathe violently, rub, squeeze and crush her breasts.

Uncle Kostya moved his fingers back and forth, and his tongue, buried in the folds – up and down.
Dad took out a member of Aunt Alla and straightened up.
She needed his help to get up on his feet too, after which she kissed him on the lips and whispered something, and Dad smiled.
“Oh,” Aunt Alla said suddenly, sitting down on the bed, “my head is spinning.
- Have a rest.
All the same, not twenty years.
Looking around, Dad slowly climbed onto the bed, walked on his knees to Aunt Nadi’s head and leaned over and touched the head of his penis to her lips.

She seemed not to immediately understand what was wanted of her.
But soon she opened her mouth wide, but took not a member, but father’s eggs.
She pulled them into her mouth, bit them, laid them on the cheek.
Dad obviously liked it.
He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and moaned softly.
Aunt Nadia’s hand slipped between his hips and began to squeeze his hairy ass.
And dad’s hand raked her vast chest, squeezed, even lifted, rolled over the body.
Then aunt Katya joined the group.
She lay down on the floor, put her head on the edge of the bed and began to suck Uncle Bones sticking out cock.
God, how exciting it all was! Turning on my side, I furiously masturbate and soon finished the third time.
Webcam goddess spreading.