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Arab hijab sex webcam. But this time the doors were ajar.
My curiosity got the better of it and I looked in.
The light in the hall was dimmed, unobtrusive romantic music flowed out of the tape recorder.
In the center of the hall on the floor, throwing pillows, the guests sat facing each other: A.
- the head of my parents, Sergey and Olga, aunt Lena and her husband, Uncle Slava – they are colleagues of my parents.

Next to my mother’s chef, my father was sitting.
An empty wine bottle lay flat in the center of the circle formed by the audience.
Mom, in her short housecoat and slippers on her bare feet, stood near the TV.
- Olya! Well, are you still there for a long time ?! – BUT.
, as befits a boss, indignantly addressed his mother.
- I’m running, I’m running already – mom pushed the disk inside and sat between him and dad.
She pressed the button on the remote control, and the TV lit up with a flickering light.
- Who’s next? – asked aunt Lena.
- Slavik yours – nodded A.

in the direction of Uncle Slava – Lenk, push your husband so that he would not slow down.
Uncle Slava spun the bottle, while Aunt Lena giggled and hid her face behind his back.
On the screen began the real porn movie.
I was shocked.
What are they doing? WHAT is happening here? The bottle unwound by Uncle Slava began to stop and soon stopped, pointing its neck at my dad.
He pointed his finger towards Mom under Aunt Lena’s giggle.
- Blyayayayaya! Why am I always the first ?! – mom handed miserably.
- So, Olga! do not fuck yourself! – papa shook his mother with his fist for joking – the game is a game.
To my surprise, there was no limit.
I have never heard such words from my parents before.
They always communicated with each other respectfully and without a mat.
at least with me.
Getting up on all fours, my mother reached out for Uncle Slava.
He reached out to meet her.
About a little bottle of their lips joined in a kiss “aspirated.”
- Once! Two! Three!.
- the audience enthusiastically started counting seconds.

Uncle Slava shoved his tongue in Mom’s mouth, bit her lips, and I did not take my eyes off my father and Uncle Slava’s wife, who, smiling as if nothing had happened, considered the time of a kiss smiling.
At the expense of the “ten” they were separated and sat down in their places.
There was silence.
Everyone looked at mom.
She fidgeted and said: – Let me a second time.
on me and so least dressed.
It was clear from her that she wanted to do something, but she was shy.
Dad put his hands on her shoulders and.
suddenly abruptly pulled off her robe.
The floor of the dressing gown dispersed and he fell to the floor.
Mother’s cheeks covered in a blush.
She was sitting naked.
In some thongs and slippers.
The men looked eagerly at my mother’s waving tits, at the dark big nipples sticking out and uplifted, at how her breasts rose and fell in time with her mother’s breath.
I simply could not believe what was happening! Just that my father undressed mom for all!

Something sank inside of me, and it became cramped in my pants.
Mom, not a drop not hesitating her nudity, spun the bottle.
The neck showed Aunt Lena.
- Ha! – triumphant mother – come on, Lenka, come to me.
Women quickly kissed the lips.
now you undress too! – Mom smiled wickedly.
Aunt Lena pulled her bright green top over her head and ruffled her hair over her shoulders.
Her gorgeous breasts were exhibited for all to see.
In the next ten minutes, my father and uncle Slava lost their pants, and A.
took off his shirt.
- So – in a commanding voice, the chef of my parents stretched out – we toughen the rules: the one who turns the bottle undresses completely and kisses the one that fell on the bottom! Olya, start! – Why am I the first ?! – mother made indignant.
It was obvious that she didn’t mind that all this turned on her terribly.
Her gas sparkled with excitement, and the smile never left his lips.
Mom spun the bottle.
Uncle Slava fell out.
She got up and took off her panties.

I saw her flushed neatly shaved pussy with swollen lips.
She threw the thong on the sofa and, kneeling in front of Uncle Slava, began to wait until he took off his panties.
Already, he stands with a naked dangling half-excited member and looking down at my mom.
So she reached for the penis, took it in her hand, rolled back the upper skin.
I held my breath.
Is this really going to happen? Is my mother capable of that? She will now kiss a member of Uncle Glory? And my father? Is he going to just sit and look at this ?! The face of my mother, with parted lips, came very close to the organ of Uncle Glory.
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