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Asian webcam flash. Probably because for a long time he was excited and without timely discharge.
But he didn’t seem to care.
With gusto, he enjoyed and skillfully pushed his “boyfriend” into my beloved wife’s mouth.
She continued to suck in obediently at Semyon, but it was noticeable that her lips had already begun to ache from the habit.
And no wonder, she never took members of this size in her mouth, and that was because I was her first and subsequently the only man.
Therefore, she increasingly released her neighbor’s cock from her mouth and caressing his hand a little longer, gently licked the head and the trunk.

Basically Alena tried to slip the tongue round the head, which made Uncle Sema begin to rumble and tremble.
I still watched from the side and jerked off, realizing that at any moment I could burst from many different feelings.
I liked to watch how my darling spouse sucks sweetly from another man and right in front of her husband.
Meanwhile, the neighbor firmly grasped my beautiful head and began to diligently shove his unit into her throat.

His wife clutched her sweaty thighs with her nails and, suppressing the gag reflex, diligently stretched her mouth to his swollen cock.
I was all tense, realizing that the man was going to finish.
Thus, he literally fucked my wife in the mouth for a couple of minutes, then he stopped abruptly, holding her neck tightly and pulling out his dick a bit, leaving only the head in her mouth.
Semyon began to cry loudly and my wife almost choked, trying to move backwards, but the strong man’s palms held her head.
Sperm hit her right in the mouth and throat, from which my wife began to hastily and diligently swallow the seed, and tears came out before her eyes.
The guy continued to cum and pour directly into my Alyonka’s mouth.
I wonder how much time he did not fuck and save all this in himself? Now I understand why he has such big eggs.
The wife could not swallow any more and shaking the neighbors’ hips, began to moo.
He immediately stuck his dick out of his mouth.

She began to spit that which she did not have time to swallow.
All this ran down my chin and dripped onto my beloved chest and knees.
However, Semyon’s dick still continued to spew thick shots of semen that flew to the woman in long streams on the face.
One thick trickle splashed on her forehead and hair, the other got into the eye, smearing it with thin veil and running down her cheek.
Another lay on his lips and hung a little off his chin, slammed on an elastic boob.
The rest, already weaker splashes of a slowly drooping trunk, spattered the breasts, knees and thighs of my Alena.
And all this time, she looked her neighbor straight in the eye.
It can’t be, I thought.
Someone else’s healthy man had just put his wife in his mouth, and he even filled her face with sperm, forcing him to devour a part of his seed.
That was something! And this incredible sight finally demolished the tower.
My wife sucked and licked the half-nicked member of her neighbor, when I jumped up to her and took her hair stuck together from sperm, sent my aching member to her face.

My wife hospitably took my cock in her mouth and began to gently suck, swallowing on the tonsils.
She was quite comfortable, because the dimensions were familiar and “native.”
With one hand, she continued to hover on the little bit of Uncle Syoma, who was again poured in weight.
My wife didn’t have to suck for a long time.
A few minutes later, being on the verge of ending all this time, I took my dick out of Alyonka’s mouth and began to jerk off.
The spouse opened her mouth, slightly sticking out her tongue.
The first and most powerful jet of sperm hit her right in the mouth and tongue.
Hastily swallowing it, my beloved put her beautiful face under the powerful volleys of my hot seed.
Several shots of the “milkshake” hit her on the forehead, in the eye, on the nose and on the chin.
The rest, the weaker, were splashing my beautiful wife’s shoulders and tits.
Such a piquant spectacle could probably be seen, only in a chic porn.
Just imagine, the whole face and some parts of Alena’s body were completely spattered, smeared and smeared with thick sperm.

In the wet palms of the two members who finished her face and the woman smiles gently, trying to look into the eyes of two men, with difficulty opening the eyelids splashed with sperm.
A member of the neighbor by this time, had long been in full combat readiness.
Yes, and mine, still not completely relaxed, began to harden and rise again.
I suggested to the spouse to jump in quickly in the shower that was built right near the fence.
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