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Massage in japan hidden video camera. They work together in a detective agency.
Since they revealed some very important and serious matter, such gatherings have been held regularly once a month.
And every time my parents asked me not to leave my room.
I did that.
I played computer games, furrowed Inet, generally entertained myself as best I could.

It was especially noisy tonight.
By the sounds, I realized that the public had moved from the kitchen to the hall and decided to quickly slip back and forth to the refrigerator.
So I did often, knowing that no one would notice me, because they always tightly closed the doors to the hall.
But this time the doors were ajar.
My curiosity got the better of it and I looked in.
The light in the hall was dimmed, unobtrusive romantic music flowed out of the tape recorder.
In the center of the hall on the floor, throwing pillows, the guests sat facing each other: A.
- the head of my parents, Sergey and Olga, aunt Lena and her husband, Uncle Slava – they are colleagues of my parents.
Next to my mother’s chef, my father was sitting.

An empty wine bottle lay flat in the center of the circle formed by the audience.
Mom, in her short housecoat and slippers on her bare feet, stood near the TV.
- Olya! Well, are you still there for a long time ?! – BUT.
, as befits a boss, indignantly addressed his mother.
- I’m running, I’m running already – mom pushed the disk inside and sat between him and dad.
She pressed the button on the remote control, and the TV lit up with a flickering light.
- Who’s next? – asked aunt Lena.
- Slavik yours – nodded A.
in the direction of Uncle Slava – Lenk, push your husband so that he would not slow down.
Uncle Slava spun the bottle, while Aunt Lena giggled and hid her face behind his back.
On the screen began the real porn movie.
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