Webcam machine.

Webcam machine. “I’m coming now!” Alex shouted.
Anya calmly put her face under the flying spray of sperm.
After ejaculation, Leshka sat down in a chair and breathed heavily and fairly.
Anka wiped her face and approached me.
“Do you want me?” She asked.
In response, I just nodded.

She turned and went to the table.
When she leaned over for a condom, I saw her ass fucked.
With a nimble movement, she put a condom on me and immediately, without letting it come to her senses, sat on top.
My “friend” is fully entered into it.
She began to sit down on me very quickly.
I was so good! I took her by the waist and began to help sit on the penis.
She closed her eyes and began to moan.
Suddenly she stopped and got off me.
- I’m not so comfortable.
- She said and removed the thong.
I looked at her dick.
He throbbed with excitement.
She sat down again from above.
But this time her cock was rubbing against my stomach, which is why her moans increased at least twice.

We fucked for another five minutes, as she began to finish.
Warm trickles spilled on my stomach.
After she finished, the walls of the ass began to shrink even more.
I realized that a few more movements and finish.
She understood this too and got off me.
I got up, tore off a condom and put a member in her mouth, grabbed her head and started to have her in that position.
Soon I finished.
I have never had such an orgasm.
Seconds ten sperm shot in her mouth.
In the end, she simply did not have time to swallow it and a part began to flow down the chin.
But she licked everything to the last drop.
It is the month of June.
From the middle of May the heat began.
I am a guy of 20 years with brown eyes rested alone at this time from the heat in the country, while on vacation.
I had everything.
Most of all I loved to watch my neighbor through binoculars.
Orgies often occurred in her house.
The neighbor was a girl from the Latin American continent with dark skin, long hair and a third-size breast.

And the neighbor on the red off-road car came and went.
I also liked the way she dressed – elegant and tasteful.
I did not know her name, but I was going to find out soon.
The calendar was Monday.
Dawn of light
I got up early at six in the morning to start watching.
I looked at the clock.
Before the neighbor left the house, it was two hours.
Took a shower, ate, waited.
An hour later, the movement began in the house of the neighbor.
Here she appeared in a white robe near the pool.
I took it off.
And dived into the water.
She was wearing a red swimsuit in the form of triangles, which only hid her nipples.
The chest was visible.
Below I did not even think to look.
She spent ten minutes in the pool.
Out of it.
She turned her back on me.
She took off her swimsuit.
Put on a bathrobe.
She sat down on a chair.
I smoked.
Having smoked a cigarette, went into the house.
An hour later, she came out in a beautiful outfit: a red mini-dress, black sandals with high heels with a platform.

On a neck the necklace sparkled pearl in the form of a beads.
Tricolor bracelets – on the wrist, rings – on the fingers, round red earrings in her ears.
And so she went to the car.
Got into it.
She opened the gate with the help of the console, left, closed the gate.
I went to the side of the city.
Soon her car disappeared around the bend.
“The moment has come to learn all its secrets,” I thought, and decided to penetrate her dwelling.
I didn’t think about safety.
I went down from the second floor down.
Passed to the fence.
Climbed through it.
Found myself on the territory of the house neighbor.
Steadily went to her house.
Entered the door from the pool.
He went up to her bedroom.
I saw her stuff on the bed.
I was attracted to her underwear.
He took it and brought it to his nose to inhale the scent of her body.
So carried away that did not hear the appearance of a neighbor.
And she appeared with the words: “What are we doing here?

I had my back to her.”
Startled by surprise.
It was too late to run.
I turned to face her.
Our eyes met.
Considering myself guilty, I lowered my head.
She came close to me.
She took her chin and said: – Who are you? What do you want? ”“ I’m your neighbor, ”I began to mumble.
- My name is John.
- I’m Marcela.
The mistress of this house.
How dare you get into my house? ”“ Sorry, ”I began to ask for forgiveness.
- I didn’t want that.
Webcam machine.