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And the lobster already washes the sweaty teles in the soul and, in a friendly manner, having spattered me goodbye on the ass, decreases.
For a while I lay exhausted, although I have to go to work.
After all, they can punish a negligent sex slave for insufficient zeal.
It would be nice, of course, they let you go in a circle, it is not scary and even pleasant.
And if you beat? Since childhood, I do not like pain.

Everything, I crawl out of bed, something like washing away, getting too tired.
Dress up lazy.
I stretch a red lace garter on my right thigh, a red bra, from which I dump all my numerous boobs, and tanketki matching the color.
We must live, we must go down.
I crawl out.
I sit down at the bar, and by order of Madame Van Tromp, who perfectly sees my condition, the bartender pours me a glass of cola.
Oooh! And then I completely dried out from the inside.
Right, Sahara walking.
Or Kalahari.
There are no customers yet, and I’m just resting.
With me in the bar are mostly local girls.
Finally, you can look closely.
All of them are mostly large, strong and, compared to my colleagues from the institution, Frau Dort is generally older.
I’m talking to a neighbor.

Thank God, she understands mine, and I am her German.
And after the second glass of brandy, I already understand Dutch.
It turns out that Gena, my neighbor, has been working for a decade and a half and started at 16.
And her work is completely satisfying.
Best of all, in her opinion, here and meet a venerable old age.
Like her mom.
What? Yes, her mother was also a prostitute.
And grandmothers on both sides.
It is a decent profession, calm, interesting, pleasant in all respects.
And then half of the girls are the same hereditary bed shock.
The rest of them earn their money either as a dowry or they are just bored.
Particularly visiting Swede.
What, do not customers offend? But how can they, and the laws on what? I remember the rules in a frame on the wall.
Yes-ah, a prostitute in the Netherlands to be much nicer and more profitable than a high school teacher in Russia.
In our homeland, it seems, we are not even considered as cattle.
What, how did I get here? From Germany from the institution of Frau Dort.
And my parents are teachers, and I was a month ago.
How did you change jobs? Lucky! Yes, of course I do.
I do not regret.
Quiet, calm, interesting.
Again, always with a man.
What? Yes, of course, I really like to fuck, but what, is it not important in our work?

Why just for porn actresses? Oh, you can get carried away by the client, but it interferes with the business! Well, not yet fond.
I like colleagues more.
And so cute as you, Gena! The development of our conversation is hampered by the invasion of a fresh flock of customers.
Four strong guys aged 25-30 purposefully go into the bar, put all the girls beer, and then demand a number for themselves at all and, having received it, rush to bliss, grabbing Gena, her compatriot Rita, me and Irina who just came down.
We fall into the room.
The guys thoughtfully explore all the advantages of our anatomy, and then offer us to lick each other.
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