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Ship webcams. The woman opened her mouth wearily.
The whore had to clean up after herself.
Arina wiped the woman’s crotch with a handkerchief.
- The whore just wonderfully ends – the girl smiled.
Emilia Vladimirovna smiled in response.
- marked the floor? The woman finished with a member, stood up.

On the carpet was a small wet spot.
Another humiliating reminder of what just happened.
- I knew that knowingly visited the whore – the girl took off her cock.
Emilia Vladimirovna agreed with her in a paper bag.
The woman rose with difficulty.
Heels were impossible to stand.
- Take a shower – the girl ordered – and in the evening get up under Andrei.
Emilia Vladimirovna smiled.
Everything as her mistress wishes.
Arina went to the woman and kissed her.
Emilia Vladimirovna hugged the girl.
Her favorite mistress.
Her trashy lecherous girl.
How she loved her.
After seeing the girl, Emilia Vladimirovna took a shower.
Soon the children came home from school.
In the evening, Andrew returned.
Sitting with her husband on the couch, Emilia Vladimirovna glanced at the mirror.
Just a few hours ago, she was fucked in front of him, and on the carpet there was a dried spot of her discharge.
In the evening, standing under her husband, Emilia Vladimirovna closed her eyes.
There was still a mirror in front of his eyes.
Depraved, dirty whore.
Happy woman.
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