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Part three Now I have never been one to give up control and this was one time I had plans to keep it.
I decided to entice and play with both of them until they were ready to pop.
Stop and start over again. Beach topless.
I am quite patient when I need to be and this was one time I was going to play it to the hilt.
I made sure that everything was set up, folks cleaned up and rested and ready for a long afternoon.
This was going to be a watershed for me, getting to fuck a husband and wife at the same time and I was going to make the most of it.

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I started on with Pat, I wondered what Paul would think if he saw me taking my time and just kissed her.
Long, hard and passionately.
So I did.
I held her face and whispered sweet nothings as I forced my tongue into her mouth. Sisters ass.
She responded to my attack.
After a few minutes I started to whisper in her ear, I wanted her to say the words, I love you.
I know I am a controlling shithead but I wanted Paul to hear it, I know she would not have meant it but I just wanted to see what he would do.